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4 Tips & Tricks That Can Save You From The August Crunch

If you’ve been reading the newspapers or following financial news, you might have heard about the yearly August stock market crunch. Many of you might be wondering what the fuss is about and if the concept is even real. TBH, it’s as real as the ongoing Tokyo Olympics!


Tim Gouw/Unsplash | Every year around the month of August, the stock market goes through a rough period. To ensure you don’t lose out, you need to handle your investments smartly

Every year around the month of August, the stock market goes through a rough period. Many investors face losses, and some of their shares even go into negative values. Though it takes a little time, such stocks eventually bounce back. But not every investor is able to sail through unscathed. History is filled with examples of investors who’ve gone bankrupt during the August crunch. 

To ensure that you survive this period of market depression, we recommend exercising caution and being diligent about your investments. For starters, sit back and go through these life-saving tips that can act as a firm shield. Who knows; they might be your only hope this month!

Diversify your investments

Ask yourself what’s better, too much of something or a little bit of everything? We bet your mind would go with the second option. There’s a simple logic behind portfolio diversification – if you invest all your funds on one stock and its price goes down, you would have nowhere to turn to. But if you invest in different stocks, you’d have multiple saving graces. You’ll be less impacted by particular commodity trends in the stock market. 


Sharon McCutcheon/Unsplash | Diversifying your investment portfolio will save you from extensive losses

Get rid of debts

The problem with a financial crunch is not the fact that your asset’s price is going down, but the consequence of that loss on your life. At times, people in debt have no option but to request more time from the lender, which becomes very embarrassing. If you want to avoid that situation, sell off some of your shares and pay off some of your debts as soon as you see a downfall approaching. That way, you’ll at least have one less thing to worry about.

Hedge your bets

We get it. Being an investor isn’t easy. But if you don’t play smart, you might not fulfill your basic goal of making more money through investments. Instead of holding on to your shares, sell off the ones that you think are going to go down soon. Once the market conditions get better, you can again buy that share at a lower price, and that won’t even pinch your pocket. Isn’t that a smart move?

The best move out

Do you walk out in the rain or take out an umbrella or a raincoat? We know that’s an odd question, but some investors make that mistake even after knowing their condition. When you see that the market’s weather is changing and you don’t have many options, instead of playing bold, play smart. Move to cash or cash equivalents like professional investors and save yourself from the loss. 


Piotr Łaskawski/Unsplash | When you see that the market’s weather is changing and you don’t have many options, move to cash or cash equivalents

Wrapping it up

Let us make this very clear – the August crash is not mandatory like winters or summers; it’s just a trend. Like all other trends, it can change too. So don’t start panicking from the very beginning. Try to stay calm and just remember to act promptly in case of any market turbulence. 

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