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Benefits And Risks Of Investing

We hear the word “risk” frequently but actively seek to avoid it. However, we will always encounter various dangers at different stages of our lives, such as job, business, and health-related risks. Some people even take very big chances, including spending all of their free cash to launch a brand-new company in the hopes of leading more fulfilling lives. People who are open to taking chances typically have greater success.

Investments do not come without danger. You must understand that risk and returns are like the two sides of a coin, tightly intertwined. Yes, there is potential for earnings you can take advantage of in the future, hidden beneath the risks of investing. The potential for gains and returns increases with risk levels. Similar to higher risks, lesser returns are typical for lower risks. Despite the inherent risks, we may reduce them with enough preparation and knowledge. Below we have listed some risks and benefits of investing.

Risks of investing

ERHUI1979/ GETTY IMAGES | Investing has become vital for our portfolios as we take part in economic growth

Market risks

Conditions in the economy, technology, politics, or the law may impact investment value. The value could potentially change based on market sentiment.

Inflation risk

The rate of return on your investment may be exceeded by inflation.

Derivatives risk

Financial contracts, known as derivatives, are used to manage assets whose value is based on the value of particular underlying investments. They are exposed to counterparty risk, whose value is erratic, occasionally deviating from the predicted value.

Credit risk

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Ordinary shareholders are typically last in line for payment if a firm fails. If the company enters insolvency or receivership, there may be no prospect of receiving any money back.

Benefits of Investing


Shares listed are, by definition, very liquid products that can be easily bought and traded on an exchange platform. Compared to other financial products, there are few hassles associated with using a broker or transferee, and the fee is relatively inexpensive. In addition to redeeming partial share parcels, trading on an exchange enables this.

Shareholder benefits

When shareholders purchase goods or services from the companies or their affiliates, certain listed shareholder companies from various market areas, including entertainment, retail, hospitality, and financial services, offer extravagant discounts. You often need to possess many shares to be eligible for such perks.

Jack Lumsden/ Maxpexels | It’s not easy to time entry to, or exits from, markets

Capital growth

Capital gain refers to the sale of an asset for a profit. One of the long-term goals of investing in shares is to achieve this, which happens when a person notices a big increase in share prices.

Make money in two ways.

The majority of investors aim to buy low and sell high. They make investments in firms with rapid value growth. Both day traders and buy-and-hold investors find that appealing. The former expects the company’s earnings and stock price to increase over time, whilst the former seeks to capitalise on short-term trends. They both think they can outperform the market because of their expertise in stock selection. Some investors favour a steady flow of money. They invest in equities of businesses that distribute dividends. These businesses have moderate growth.


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