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Black Origin Making History at The Box Office Leading Movies

Blockbusters have always witnessed torrents of conflicting movies in cinemas since the 70s, based on each movie’s popularity and pedigree of the directors. Today, the drama continues where many equally-explosive movies are released on the same weekends. The fascinating event is when two famous films are competing for the first two positions at box office ranking.

History was made, however, over the weekend at the cinemas when two gigantic movies broke the racial barrier, as the directors of the two top films, are blacks.

Black Panther directed by the black African-American Hollywood sensation, Ryan Coogler, was on the first spot, while A Wrinkle In Time, directed by Ava DuVernay, a black American female,  clinched the second spot.  Ava DuVernay won the reputation of being the very first colored female to have directed a more than $100 million worth of film.

Pulling behind her brother, Ryan Coogler, she scaled the lofty height over the weekend, and CNN reported that this would be the first event where directors from the Negro origin would have their over $100 million costly films claiming the best two positions in the box office.

A Wrinkle In Time debuted at No.2 in the box office, making history for colored Hollywood players

Highs and Lows for Box Office Releases this Weekend

It seems Black Panther‘s success is not stopping anytime soon as it recently reached the $1 billion benchmark at last from its global tour. Ryan Coogler is on the fifth position at the MCU rank to have also earned above $1 billion, trailing after iconic films like Iron Man 3, Civil War, The Avengers, Age of Ultron, etc.

At the moment, in the domestic estimation, Black Panther is blazing hot at the worth of $563 million, and overthrew The Dark Knight which had just $535 million, making it stand at the second position of the highest earning evergreen superhero motion picture in North America, despite being the highest earning lone superhero thriller.

The Avengers as at now holds firmly the No. 1, grossing the sum of $625 million value of domestic revenue. Above all these achievements, the movie is currently at No.7 highest earning domestically released evergreen productions.

On the other hand, Ava is also enjoying seeing her directed project A Wrinkle In Time at No. 2, with $33.4 million as a first-time viewing (lucky it got that far in spite of the opposing opinions on the movie by critics). The movie was closely followed by The Strangers: Prey At Night on No. 3, with earnings of $10.6 million.

White Directors Facing Black Panther in March

Another parameter that was used to measure Armando Iannucci’s project, The Death Of Stalin, was the great success it showcased during the week when on average, it raked in $45,416 on every four screens!

Going over to Club favorite, A.V.’s project Thoroughbreds also tried in its weekend debut, as it landed on the soil of No. 15 and grossed $1.3 million under 551 screens across the country.

However, things didn’t really go well for ‘Gringo‘ and ‘The Hurricane Heist,’ which were released excessively on 2,402 per-screen but flopped because the audience feedbacks were discouraging. They managed to cliched No. 8 (The Hurrican Heist) and No. 11 (Gringo).

March still has some weeks left, and more Hollywood screen-crashers are still racing up the pipe. It’s possible that some of the upcoming movies may have the potential of breaking the box office and standing up to Black Panther. Some of them are; Ready Player One, Tomb Raider, Uprising and Pacific Rim. Ironically, all these soon-to-be-released projects were produced by white directors.

From all indication, Black Panther is not ready to let go, going by its prolonged box office presence. The No.1 position may be glued to it since it’s still there after one month. The last time such achievement was recorded was when ‘Star Wars: Episode VII—The Force Awakens‘ was brought to the box office.

We can’t wait to see how everything will play out for the new-coming movies and the existing ones, while we keep enjoying Black Panther’s adventures. Meanwhile, Ava may have to work harder on her next project because even though winning the second spot is a landmark success, anything is possible if the critics’ reviews result to be true.

Captured: Ryan Coogler seen with the Black Panther crew

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