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Confused About Investing During The Second Pandemic Wave? Here Are Some Useful Tips

Investing is a challenge during the pandemic, especially now when the second wave has arrived and has affected countries and institutions globally. People are panicking, and the primary side-effect of this may be impulsive decisions.

But regardless of how attractive an opportunity seems and how eager you are to invest, it’s important to exercise caution and remember that even though investments offer fantastic long-term rewards, they’re equally risky. The slightest slip can lead to disasters, which is why you ought to be aware of what’s right and what’s wrong.

This article covers some of the basic mistakes one must avoid gaining maximum profit out of their investments. If these potholes are neglected, the consequences could be quite expensive and long-lasting.

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Don’t stop investing in SIPs

Some investors assume that because of conditions like the pandemic and associated restrictions like lockdowns, the market may become unstable or get affected negatively. Due to this, they stop investing in SIPs, but experts advise against this. They recommend continued investments in SIPs for long-term benefits. In fact, Archit Gupta, founder, and CEO at ClearTax suggests that people stick to SIPs since they’re generally quite safe in the long run.


Pexels | Experts suggest not to stop investing in SIPs since they’re beneficial in the long run

Avoid aggressive selling

Herd mentality is probably the worst mistake an investor can make. Just because you come across a negative review about a particular stock doesn’t mean you wouldn’t be benefited from it. Market trends and situations are dynamic, and they keep changing, which makes returns quite unpredictable. It is advisable not to take decisions in a rush and avoid profit booking or aggressive selling.

Have a backup

It’s good to invest in more than one stock or sector because even if you face a loss from one sector, you can have a backup. A diversified portfolio may help you during times of crisis to avoid losses and maintain your finances. Sticking to one stock or a single sector often increases the risk factor.

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Analyze before following

Don’t follow market trends blindly, even if they’re published on a website of repute or coined by investing experts. It’s always important to find out as much as you can about trends before investing in them. Just because something looks profitable at that moment doesn’t mean you should jeopardize your entire savings on it. Make sure that the trend will benefit you in the future, and if anything gets out of control, you have a cushion to fall back on.


Pexels | Rather than following trends blindly, you should always analyze them to understand as much as you can before putting your money on the line

Wrapping it up

Investments are excellent sources of saving and gaining good returns, but everything depends on the decisions you make. Currently, where the pandemic situation has created chaos among people, market decisions need to be taken calmly and after considering the tips mentioned above. We hope we were able to help!

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