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Gold Prices Just Rose Again! Is Investing a Good Idea?

In recent times, a lot of stress has been put on having a sensible investment portfolio. Unfortunately, when given this advice, most people limit themselves to stocking up on index funds, thinking it can hedge them against all risks and provide good gains over a long time. However, your investment manager might tell you otherwise. If you have a large capital, you would occasionally be advised to invest in real estate and gold.

Unsplash | Alternate investment options often come in handy

Why invest in gold?

During your lessons in middle school, you might have learned the long history of gold as a form of currency. Later on, gold coins started being forced, and gold was stolen from the minted coins; thus, the practice was abandoned. However, the reason behind making gold a currency still persists. It is scarce, and it is valuable. It also comes in a lot of denominations. Even then, it does not come in the lowest denominations like our modern currency yet it has not lost its status in the financial market.

Gold has emerged as a hedge against uncertain market conditions. When the stock markets are volatile or the interest rate in the economy is too low, investing in stocks and bonds is rendered unfruitful, and sometimes even dangerous. In such uncertain times, gold acts as an efficient store of value. It retains its value in uncertain times and sometimes also delivers gains. This can be a very useful trait of gold, especially when the market is in a downturn and holding onto the real value of your asset becomes difficult.

Unsplash | Every currency was once connected to the value of gold

The performance of gold during the pandemic…

In the times when coronavirus struck the world like a pandemic, all economic activities ceased. The stock market suffered a severe blow, the dollar got a slam, and all international trade got to a standstill. Even in these uncertain times, gold survived the market turbulence. It hit an all-time high of $2040 an ounce during the peak of the pandemic. Later when the second wave surged its head, it again surpassed thresholds of $1900 an ounce.

Unsplash | Gold price soared during the pandemic

Some good news

The latest news in the market is that gold is still to continue its steady climb and astound us by touching new peaks. It is expected to touch the peak of $3000 an ounce by the end of 2021.

Still, thinking over your investment combination? You should try collecting a few pieces of gold.

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