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IRA Investment Gone Wrong? Here Are Some Mistakes You Might Be Making

When it comes to retirement, everyone wants to walk down a path of safe savings and mistake-free investments. As such, many people turn to IRAs, or Individual Retirement Accounts, since they make for a reliable and high-return option (an IRA is a retirement plan created by the U.S. government to help workers save for retirement).


Pixabay | IRAs can be very reliable and high-return investment options, but only if you deal with them wisely

But the truth is that an IRA, or any investment avenue for that matter, is only beneficial if you use it in the correct way. With different people extending different advice about IRAs, it’s easy to get confused and make mistakes that are usually avoidable.

So today, allow us to give you a peek into the most common IRA mistakes which you should avoid to ensure that this investment yields maximum benefits.

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#1 – Shying away from risk

There’s an unsaid stigma attached to taking risks. People often think they’re equivalent to inviting failure or loss. However, that’s not true! Financial advisors suggest that young IRA investors should take risks. Avoid touching your IRA account for 20 to 30 years and you’ll be able to withstand fluctuations in the market. You can choose to diversify your investments in the meantime or limit them to only stocks as per your choice. But try to participate in riskier projects because if your investment turns out to be successful, you could make a fortune.


Pexels | You should try to participate in riskier projects because if your investment turns out to be successful, you could make a fortune

#2 – Stopping to fund your IRA

An IRA isn’t as exciting as a taxable brokerage account, which is why people often lose interest in it and avoid funding it. Little do they realize that they’re making the biggest mistake of their life! By not funding IRAs completely, people miss out on tax advantages and tax-free compounding of money.

#3 – Making small contributions

It’s been said for ages that you should be making regular contributions to your investment account to make profits. However, experts believe that when you have access to cash, investing it all at once is better than making regular contributions. John Pilkington, a senior financial advisor, says that dollar-cost-averaging (small consistent investments) lowers the stress which comes with the stock market’s volatility, but it also decreases the returns.

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#4 – Using more than one IRA

There’s no hard and fast rule that one can’t possess multiple retirement accounts, but you’ve got to make sure that your annual contributions don’t exceed the limit of your investments. James DesRocher, a financial advisor with Park Avenue Securities in Middleton, suggests that using multiple IRAs is a bad idea. He says that more IRAs create pressure on the investor and diminish the positive effect of rebalancing.


Pexels | Financial experts suggest against possessing multiple IRA accounts since it can put too much pressure on the investor

Wrapping it up

Choosing a good retirement plan can be difficult, and you might make silly mistakes on that path. But remember that the biggest mistake would be not learning from your previous blunders, so stay positive and explore as much money saving options as you can.

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