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Learn How to Limit Risks in Investment by Diversifying Your Assets!

Diversifying may seem to be a complicated term to understand, but it’s not. Diversifying simply means to spread your investment money in a variety of assets. It involves a strategy in which one owns multiple investments across and within assets classes. This strategy is termed diversification.

Unsplash | Traders especially emphasize the importance of diversification

Core features of asset allocation

There are two main features that need to be considered before you start your assets-related research.

  • Diversification across financial instruments

There are a number of financial instruments that are further categorized into tangible and intangible assets. Tangible assets comprise properties, houses, foreign currency, expensive jewels, and gold. In contrast, the intangible assets comprise bonds, company stock, and cash. Before taking a step further, you need to make your mind about which variety of assets you are willing to put your money on.

  • Diversification within financial instruments

It’s not necessary that you choose a number of assets to invest from the above-stated list. It is possible for you to invest in only one type of asset and still minimize the investment risk by diversifying. For instance, if you are willing to invest in properties, you can diversify by buying a mix of properties in different parts of the country. You can buy a few plots of land along with a few residential properties and commercial offices. Similarly, if you are more comfortable to invest in shares, you can buy shares of different companies belonging to different industries to spread the risk.

Unsplash | Property investment is a lucrative business too

Are there any drawbacks to diversifying?

Like any other investment strategy, diversification also has a few minor drawbacks:

  • Requires high investments

A diversified portfolio means you need to have enough cash to be able to allocate your investment in a number of asset classes. If you are planning to invest individually with a limited sum of money, this might not be favorable for you.

  • Average returns are lower

It is a risk-limiting strategy, so naturally, a few of your investment portfolios might be striking the peak while there may be some not making exceptional profits. Thus, this will drag down your average gains.

  • Can be time-consuming

You will never want to lose your hard-earned money by making the wrong investment decision. When investing in one asset, you require to do extensive research. Just imagine the research and investigation you’d need to undergo if you’re planning to make a vast investment portfolio.

Unsplash | For healthy gains, you have to invest wisely

You must have heard a famous proverb “don’t put all eggs in one basket”. Just like eggs, investment money is also delicate and should be allocated wisely.  The basic idea to create a diversified investment portfolio is to protect your assets. No one can ever predict the market trends with 100% surety therefore it’s safe to lose a portion of your total assets than to go completely bankrupt.

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