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Mike Tyson Paid $10,000 to a Zookeeper to Teach This Bully Gorilla a Lesson

Mike Tyson previously housed three Bengal tigers and pet pigeons in his house during his prime years as a boxing champion. He held the world abound with his boxing skills and made millions during his career – but more than that, Tyson will always be remembered as one of the finest sportsmen of his generation. He beat many opponents in the ring – with the exception of an intimidating silverback gorilla.

Back in the 80s, the Iron Mike gave a zookeeper $10,000 to let him meet a gorilla face-to-face during a tour with his ex-wife, Robin Givens. He wanted to fight the bully gorilla who had been intimidating all the other animals around it. However, the boxing dream was cut short by the zookeeper in 1986.

Mike saw the gorilla bullying other animals in the cage and wanted to help these victimized creatures. Unfortunately, the animal was exceptionally stronger than any opponent Tyson had ever faced in the ring. Gorillas are very powerful creatures and can take down humans within minutes. Mike revealed this many years later, after he retired from his boxing career.

Mike has long said goodbye to the boxing ring, but his career is decorated with accolades, awards, and scandals.  His professional career ended after he lost to Kevin McBride in 2005. He rose from a difficult childhood to a champion who drew a lot of attention towards his lavish lifestyle. He has seven kids from three different women.

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