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Are These Myths Preventing You From Becoming A Millionaire?

When reading about success stories from millionaires, many of us might feel we aren’t cut out to stand next to them. The status seems a little too difficult, too unattainable for everyday people. We often make an impression that those people inherited their money, had very high-paying jobs, or won the lottery. But the reality is actually quite far from that.


Arie Wubben/Unsplash | Becoming a millionaire is all about effort, the right attitude, and a sense to avoid mistakes

While there’s no secret formula to amassing wealth, the road to becoming a millionaire is much easier than perceived. People may keep wishing they were lucky enough to get that rich, but they fail to realize that they too can become millionaires, and surprisingly enough, it has nothing to do with education, family money, or luck. All one needs is effort, the right attitude, and a sense to stay away from pitfalls.

Are you ready to make an effort? Do you have the right attitude? Well then, we’re here to help you avoid the mistakes. Let’s start with a few financial myths that might be stopping you from fulfilling your desires.

Myth #1 – Investing is only possible with a ton of money

That’s a common mistake most beginner investors make. While it’s true that you shouldn’t exhaust your everyday living funds for the purpose of investing, once you have your basic needs covered and have a little extra for emergencies set aside, you can step into investing with the most basic amount. The stock market is full of low-cost shares which you can purchase to start building your portfolio.

In fact, we’d suggest you step into investing as early in life, with as little capital as possible. This will not just minimize your risk window, but also give your investment ample time to grow. But of course, you shouldn’t splash your hard-earned money on the first low-value stock you see. Research and learning from mistakes is essential. 


Annie Spratt/Unsplash | You don’t need to have huge capital to start with investing. It can be done with very low amounts too

Myth #2 – You should stick to one kind of asset, and stocks are the best

Well, actually, that’s the complete opposite of the truth! While buying stocks is the first and most natural step in anyone’s investment journey, limiting only to stocks can restrict your shot at being a millionaire. Experts advise that having a diversified portfolio is the best strategy for building wealth.

A diverse portfolio is one that includes not just different kinds of stocks but also several other kinds of assets like real estate, bonds, trust certificates, etc. Distributing your money across different kinds of assets will not just minimize your risk significantly, it will also help you gain much higher returns in the long run.

Myth #3 – Building a strong portfolio takes several years

We know we pointed out earlier that you shouldn’t rely on hasty decisions but conduct thorough research before investing, but often, people don’t have the patience or time to do that. Well, what’s interesting is that to begin investing, you actually don’t need to dive so deep into the fundamentals and analyses.

You can make safe bets by starting with ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) or S&P 500 Index Funds. They need very little research and usually, come with minimal risk. But of course, you’ll need to compare the different available funds to determine which works best for you in terms of returns and fees.


Ishant Mishra/Unsplash | Starting with ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) or S&P 500 Index Funds may be a wise call since they need very little research and usually come with minimal risk

All in all…

We hope we were able to bust a few myths you had about investing, and now you’ll be able to step into the field with new zeal. As for the question of what would help you in becoming a millionaire, it’s as we said, the right amount of hard work, dedication, self-confidence, and plain smartness. 

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