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A Smart Way To Invest For The Next Generation

How do we know if we are making smart investment decisions? Is it by the money we get in return? Star-status that is glued to money? Or the number of people we have helped? No matter which scale we’re going to use, it is still heavily gravitated towards money. It seems like money is the only means of measuring how good we are as an investor, but it should not be.

People sometimes forget one of the best investments we can be a part of, that will definitely impact the future generation and invest in a better future.

Glaciers are melting and a lot of animals have been displaced due to global warming

In what way? By simply taking care of the planet that we live in. To leave lesser carbon footprints and to be more generous in sharing resources for the future generations. This may sound extremely different from the investment that we’ve commonly known, but this is just as important. We have gathered some basic steps that we can practice daily that can have a good impact on the planet that we live in.


The car industry is one of the major culprits for carbon emission. Taking a walk instead of driving can help us reduce the personal carbon footprint that we leave. A simple proper inflating of car tires can also help a lot. Properly inflated tires can travel much farther and more efficient, reducing the possible excess when driving a flat tire.

Traveling via train is one alternative for travelers have smaller carbon footprints

The distance of the drive will also matter. A 10,000-mile drive per year will add up to 15% to a person’s carbon footprint. If long –distance driving is really necessary, then electric-powered automobiles should be considered instead of the traditional gas-powered.

When it comes to traveling, flying with airplane will contribute most to the carbon footprint. If a person travels a lot, then that will be the source of more than quarter of a person’s footprint in a lifetime. Travelling via trains is one way to lessen this footprint, or just lessening the travel plans annually can also be one solution.


Studies show that transporting food is responsible for 13% of the greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S. alone. This means that by simply buying locally sourced food, we can already lessen our footprint. We should slowly ease our body from consuming beef and other dairy products. This is because raising cows can take a lot of resources, especially the beef from Brazil and neighboring countries. These animals can also emit large numbers of methane which is a global warming gas. By consuming less of these products can not only lessen our carbon footprint but also help achieve a healthier lifestyle. And also, throwing away leftover foods can also have a huge impact on climate change. Dumpsites are now becoming bigger and bigger, with its soil slowly getting polluted due to these foods that are being thrown away.


Clothes and fashion accessories are one of the huge contributors to pollution. Some of these items even kill animals just to get the leather, fur, and skin they want. The sad thing is most people are not aware of recycling clothes that is why brands manufacture more and more each day. But the fashion industry is starting to close this loop. Brands like H&M are advocating on recyclable fashion. People are urged to bring the clothes they are not going to wear in stores and in return, they’ll be given a discount on their next purchase. By simply making aware decisions and supporting brands that help lessen carbon footprint, we are already contributing to a better world.

Renewable energy

China will soon become the world’s leading source of solar power

Installing solar panels cannot only help the household have lesser electric bills but it can also potentially help improve the planet’s current global warming situation. If buying solar panels will be extravagant, investing in companies that power solar, wind, and hydroelectric plants will be good. The more investors and financers they have, the more they can expand their business. Countries with no electricity but have lots of natural resources can also benefit from this wise solution to an alternative power source.

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