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Stock Market Trends That You Should Look Forward To In 2018

The year 2017 is nearing its ending and we’re about to start another year and another chapter in our lives. We’re always hopeful, enthusiastic, and optimistic about the New Year -it’s another year to improve our lives, opportunity to grow in terms of personal and professional growth. For businessmen, shareholders, and stockholders, it’s also another opportunity to grow business and investments. More capital and business ventures mean growth in stocks.

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned veteran in the field of the stock market, we’re always on the lookout for the best companies to invest when it comes to stocks and shares in order to propagate the growth of our money. Here are the stock market trends you need to look out in 2018!

Love Facebook? Invest in it!

Facebook is the Biggest Social Media Website in the World

Facebook is the Biggest Social Media Website in the World

Everyone loves Facebook. Facebook is the largest social media in the world with billions of users accessing and browsing the site every day. Aside from the socialization and networking features, it has to maintain our social and personal interaction online, it also serves as a great platform for businessmen because they can maximize customer outreach. We all know that Facebook’s great income or profit comes from business ads. However, did you know that billions of people around the world are also investing on Facebook? That’s right. If you love Facebook, why don’t you partner with it to maximize your financial growth too?

Facebook is even named as one of the “Big Seven” when it comes to the U.S stocks. Their notable feature ads enabled Facebook to become one of the highest profitable businesses in the industry. Facebook’s growth is expected to skyrocket up to 33%, so if you haven’t already, start investing on Facebook right now.

Invest in Small Cap Bank like Customer Bancorp

Investing in Customers Bancorp Inc Is Also a Great Way to Grow Your Money

Investing in Customers Bancorp Inc Is Also a Great Way to Grow Your Money

CUBI has been under the radar for the past few years, but did you know that they’re also one of the best stocks in 2017? With it’s $800 million assets, the bank is planning to enhance their digital banking systems like BankMobile that will also enable college students to start opening their bank accounts and cater their loan and credit card applications. This huge deal is expected to slate in mid-2018. If deemed successful, the shareholders are expected to receive at least $3.57 for equity per share. And by the end of 2018, the company projected a bold prediction of 40% upside in profits and shares.

Invest in Warren Buffet’s Company

Warren Buffett Bought Store Capital Just This Year

Warren Buffett Bought Store Capital Just This Year

There’s no doubt that Warren Buffet dominated the stock market world with his vast investments and company expansions. In fact, his famous B.R.K.A Company’s stocks had increased up to 300%, thus, defeating the Global poor index. And just last year, Warren Buffett had bought the prestigious Store Capital which specializes in the real estate industry which holds almost 99% of the country’s movie theaters, restaurants, and educational institutions. STOR is one of the best companies to invest in stocks this 2018 and it is even projected to grow by more than 10%.


Alibaba is China's Ecommerce Giant

Alibaba is China’s E-commerce Giant

If investing in Amazon is too expensive and restricted for you, then fret no more because you can still invest in the world of online retail through Alibaba. Hailed as China’s giant e-commerce, Alibaba shares and stocks doubled this year. Its growth continues to prosper with over $60 billion profit with continuously increased revenue for the last five years. Alibaba’s projection of net profits continues to surge in an upward motion. Not all companies can do that! Truly, Alibaba is one of a kind and we recommend you to start investing in their stocks now.

Ryanair Holdings

Invest in Ryanairs If you Love Traveling

Invest in Ryanair’s If you Love Traveling

If you’re fond of traveling, then investing in Europe’s largest airline Ryanair is the right choice for you.  It’s one of the highest performing airlines in the world despite the crisis in human resource (particularly pilots) it faced in the past year. The shortage of pilots had enabled the airline to cancel around 20,000 flights all over the world. However, with their high demand, the airline had a net profit of $120 billion just for this year alone. The company is also expecting to expand their business operations as they open commercial flights to more countries. Who knows, one of these days you might have a free flight from Ryanair for becoming their valued investor.

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