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A Valuable Investment Roadmap for Beginners!

Landing a well-paying job is just the beginning of a comfortable life. No matter how handsome your income is, it is just kitchen income. You will be tempted to save half of it for your comfortable retirement, leaving you just enough money to support a comfortable lifestyle. It is an unending cycle, where you work hard just to survive the month and afford the monthly necessities and a few leisure activities, where you constantly eye the budget to ensure you do not overspend.

This is a tiring view of life, and you must be eager to break the chain. You might want to pool your savings onto an investment platform to gain returns on it. After all, saving your money at your home is the most stupid move considering that its purchasing power decreases with time due to constant depreciation.

Unsplash | Everyone must venture into the investment world for larger gains

If you have decided to invest your funds, the first decision you must make is to decide whether you want to invest through a financial advisor. These financial advisors will charge a commission for managing your investments, many times irrespective of whether you earned a profit or not. If you are not eager to hire a middleman/organization to decide on your investment strategy, you may also do it independently.

The difficult decision of choosing a platform:

Even when you decide to make your own investment decisions, you need to choose a platform. An investment platform is a company that will hold all your share certificates in one place and does the buying and selling on your behalf.

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Here are a few tips for you to decide which investment platform to choose:

  • Choose an FCA registered platform

This is the most important piece of advice! Choose a platform that is certified by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Do not rely on the badge on the investment platform’s website but check the company’s authenticity on FCA’s official website. Beware, there are many scammers in the financial market, eyeing your hard-earned money with greed.

  • Is your investment insured?

This is again, a realm of utmost interest. Do check the protection offered by the company. Ask essential questions like what will happen to your capital if the company were to declare bankruptcy.

  • The ease of using the platform

Customer care is the topmost priority of businesses nowadays. Thus, compare the different services provided by different platforms. Does your investment platform offer a customized mobile app, facilitate you with over the phone handling, offer you late night transaction opportunity and facilitate you with expert financial advice?

Unsplash | Don’t lose hope so easily

These are all important factors to consider when deciding on an investment platform. After all, you are on board to multiply your money and not to make it flow down the drain.

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