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How COVID-19 Has Pushed Parents to Put Their Careers On Hold

No one could ever anticipate the phases of life this pandemic has drawn us into. Some people are having health issues, some career issues, and others a bunch of other problems. But it seems like it’s the most challenging for all the parents out there. Keeping an eye on kids, cooking, managing household chores, and juggling work from home – the mayhem is enough to drive the best of us up the wall. Let’s just say this isn’t what any parent ever imagined.


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As a result, some people are left with no other option but to put their kids before their careers. Not just common people, even entrepreneurs, and celebrities, are giving a break to their careers to secure their children’s future.

Here’s what surveys point out

In March 2020, when the global lockdown phase just began, women between 25 and 54 years of age lost approximately twice the number of jobs than men. According to a survey, women are more likely to quit their job than men in order to make their kids’ virtual learning experience comfortable. But this time around, quite a lot of men have also taken up the roles of house makers while their partners work.

The conventional boundaries of who does what has faded, and people have started helping out their families in any way they can. It’s a survival situation out there for everyone – both professionally and personally.


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A look at the situation in a few households

Renowned magazine publisher, Karen Sibal, has had to put her career in the back seat for the sake of her children. She says her kids are older and capable of doing things on their own, but they’ve been through a lot when it comes to their mental health.

Agreeing that things have changed due to virtual learning, she explains that when she was studying, she had so much excitement going on in life. But sadly, her kids aren’t going through the same experiences. Their career is much more important than hers, leading her to make the tough choice. One of her daughters is in the final year of high school, and the other is pursuing a master’s degree at York University.

Living in Ontario, Andrea Milne is thankful to have her husband by her side. She says he works as a professor and also takes care of their six-year-old daughter, allowing Milne to pursue her passion for writing. However, when asked if she was looking for future employment options, she denied saying that she isn’t sure if the schools will open in the winters. Under any circumstances, if the lockdown is reinforced, she has to be the one taking care of her daughter.


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To Conclude

Though currently, most parents are staying at home to take care of their children, they realize that someday they might have to get back to working full time. When that happens, all that we hope is that the world is in better shape so that they can feel at ease when they’re not constantly watching over their little ones.

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