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Money Doesn’t Make You Rich, Your Core Values Do

You must have heard this old yet classic expression – money can’t buy everything. But even after knowing about it, a majority of people believe that money usually brings contentment. 


Anastase Maragos/Unsplash | Though money may enable you to afford luxuries, it often can’t buy genuine happiness

TBH, that’s not really the case. Consider all the rich people who had to go through multiple failed relationships, people who went bankrupt despite earning millions, or people who have dysfunctional families. Did money solve their problems? Hell no! And neither did it provide any sort of comfort and contentment. 

So then, what is it that brings comfort, peace, and contentment in your life? 

The answer to that is as simple as its very concept – your core values. Yes, you read that right!

Your core values – the ground beneath your feet

Our core values have a great significance in our inner world. They not only define us but form the foundation of our character. Since most of us spend a big chunk of our lives by ourselves, our core values should be the most important part of our lives. Without them, we’re nothing but soulless beings. 


Sean Stratton/Unsplash | Real peace and contentment comes from the core values within you

People who’re not connected with their core values easily get influenced by others. Even before they know it, they end up losing their identity. That’s why it’s very important to figure out what your foundational values are that’ll help you get things straight in life. 

Though they are different for different people, most beings can make their life meaningful by following these basic values:

Be your true authentic self

Yes, situations have the potential to change you. But despite the struggles in life, always try to retain your true nature. Don’t switch your personalities in front of different people. Stay authentic to yourself and avoid being afraid of society’s judgments. You’re not here to impress everyone. Focus on the bigger picture.

Burst that bubble of curiosity

Ask questions. Get in-depth about everything you do or want to do. Yes, it’s okay to dig deeper. In fact, it’s actually fun! But, you should also know when to stop. Some things just can’t be understood, and knowing way too much can be a bummer sometimes. 

Failure can lead to better roads

People usually fear failure. They often experience anxiety or panic attacks if they think of situations they can’t control or predict. Though it’s extremely difficult to accept it, failure can actually work as a great springboard. Provided we examine every single detail carefully and highlight what went wrong. 


Tegan Mierle/Unsplash | If the loopholes are examined and worked upon, failure can turn into a new road towards success

All in all

Pick your core values mindfully. Be true to them. And watch yourself grow. Once that happens, you’ll realize that real richness doesn’t come from monetary benefits. It comes from within.

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