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Planning To Be A Professional Vlogger? Here’s How To Invest Your Money

Technology opened up a lot of possibilities and opportunities for us. For one, it helps improve the medical science as we know it. The introduction of Artificial Intelligence also continues to impact innovation on a larger scale. People have been given endless opportunities to improve lives and the way we live. Love it or hate it, technology has been a major contributor to our growth.

Jay Alvarez is one of the famous travel vloggers. He created his empire just by video blogging

Technology also brings new career opportunities. Companies are increasingly becoming dependent on it- communication is a lot better, workload gets lighter, and the computer makes everything so much faster. New jobs are also created with the help of technology. One career option is one of the most highly wanted by the Millennials and Generation Z- and that is blogging/vlogging.

Video Blog

Vlog is short-term for Video Blog or video log. It is a form of a blog or comprehensive information that is in a video medium. Most vloggers usually share their personal passion, like traveling, food, make-up, and sports. There are many professional vloggers that get paid a lot. The top reason for the current trend is the popping of different social media sites like YouTube and Instagram. These sites make it easier for the bloggers and vloggers to reach more people and be more seen. As what they say on YouTube, “more views, more money”.

But how can one be a professional vlogger? Unlike other professions, taking up a formal class is not a must. Established vloggers also give recommendations and tips over the internet for free. There are a lot of inspirations and advice that can help anyone start a vlogging career. Paying for a class is old, make the internet a university.

Basic Equipment

There are many things to vlog about and knowing which to focus is the primary step. Equipment usually varies from one theme to another. Travel vlogs would usually require a good microphone, while a beauty vlog will require good lighting equipment. So here are some tips on what stuffs to invest in for a more budget-friendly vlogging career.


A flipping screen camera is a top favorite for beauty vloggers

Vlogging cameras are actually different from basic digitals. Screens for video blogging must have the capacity to flip at a specific angle. This way, a vlogger will see what the camera is filming, and it can give a precise shot on what we actually want to include in our frame. But buying an expensive brand is not yet a smart move. Assess first the income and how popular it is before spending all the money on a camera. A simple digital camera can still be good for filming, and anyone can just upgrade along the way.


No one likes a vlog where the person’s voice is not audible. They will just skip that video and will never watch it again. That is why a good microphone is also a top priority. Doing indoor video blogs don’t require a first-class microphone, sometimes the microphone of the camera is enough. But for people who are doing outdoor and adventurous videos, then this is a must. There are a lot of microphones out there, make sure to research first before buying.

Travel video bloggers usually prefer a DSLR and a good microphone

Editing Software

Good editing skills can take any video a long way. Most people watch video blogs to see creativity and awesome editing skills. Good editing software with many features can make editing less hassle. Vloggers usually complain how long editing can take and it can sometimes take a toll on them. Some vloggers hire editors while some prefer on working on their own. Hiring an editor is not a smart move, especially for anyone who’s just starting up. Better invest in good software to hit two birds with one stone: saving an amount for hiring a person and at the same time, improving editing skills.

Lighting Equipment

A good lighting instantly gives a professional look at any video. It is a best friend to all the beauty vloggers out there. It also gives flexibility to filming times since it enables anyone to film at night without looking dark. For people who don’t have the money yet, have a filming location where there is a lot of windows and sunlight.

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