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‘I’m an Undocumented Foreigner.’ The Executive Governor of NY Asks to Be Deported

The executive governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, declared that he’s an illegal immigrant and there is no need for him to fear deportation. He made the declaration while speaking at an event held inside the building of United Federation of Teachers.

The governor is an inbred of New York City and his statement, which was made one week ago on the fact that he’s undocumented as an unlawful traveler, had caught so many attention. He also dared the government to come and arrange for his deportation.

While speaking during the event that centered on signing a law into bill, the 60-year-old leader said he’s illegal and if the authorities are desperate to deport illegal foreigners, they should come and begin with him since he’s one who doesn’t have his papers.

Andrew Cuomo with his family during last elections

Cuomo is not Pleased

Cuomo made this shocking revelation at the occasion as he condemned the intense unguarded decision that is designed in such a way that its policies are against immigrants. He left Italy for the United States of America in company of his family. The Cuomos were frequently jeered at based on their racial links and were bombarded with a racial reproach which he called ‘a slur’ that was directed at people who didn’t have immigration documents, says Cuomo.

He went further to explain that he’s an Italian-American man who emerged from the impoverished group of Italian-American people that traveled down to the US. He said way back during the period that his people arrived in the US, the people of America usually referred to Italian-Americans as “wops”, a derogative slang for the people of Italy. The full meaning of ‘wops’, according to him, was ‘without papers’.

The Online Etymology dictionary defined the word ‘slur’, which has its roots in the language of the southern Italian people as a word with other meanings such as “stud”, “dude”, “guappo,” and “dandy”. However, the word is not a wordplay, says Etymology.

President Trump is busy finalizing plans on getting rid of illegal foreigners and Cuomo came out to declare himself as one

A few days before, Cuomo had spoken with a gathering of workers’ associations and he explained that he grew up as a child reared by impoverished travelers from Southern Jamaica, which is a nearby community to Queens in New York. Cuomo’s father named ‘Mario’, was a governor of New York who served for three consecutive terms. Mario was given birth to by one immigrant family from Italy who was based in Queens. Matilda, his mum, was a Queen-born immigrant as well.

However, an advocacy organization called ‘Make the Road Action’ responded to Cuomo by demanding for a public apology for his statements. One of the organization’s members, Antonio Alarcon, was particularly displeased at the statements, saying that such formulations were very unpleasant to many foreigners and dreamers like himself.

He went on to say that the New York leader lacks the real knowledge on the deep meaning of living as an illegal immigrant. Many of them that arrived the US in company of their parents in pursuit of greener pasture, and worked hard day and night everyday to survive, while battling with the fear of losing their families through separation, deserve a better remark from the governor who gave an unexpected speech to depict himself as one of them who was also part of their turmoil, says Alarcon.

Criticisms on Cuomo

Gov. Cuomo was lambasted and criticized for making misleading statements on the internet and also adding the’s definition that tweeted “undocumented” with #Cuomo hashtag. This was a post from 19th of April. wrote that ‘undocumented’ means when something or someone does not have documentation or validity.

Currently, Cuomo is facing a major competitor, and the person is a thespian and a freedom fighter by the name Cynthia Nixon. Although he’s presently winning the votes with a substantial size while Nixon is closing in on him fast, the margin he’s leaving between Nixon and himself has reduced drastically since a fewweeks ago.

Cuomo’s father was also a former governor in New York who did three terms

It would be recalled that the present administration under the leadership of President Donald Trump is determined to cleanse the US of the illegal foreigners, and has designed strict laws for those who are planning to enter the country. Last week, a factory that produces meat products located at Southeastern Provision, East Tennessee, was raided by the Immigrations, Customs and Enforcements (ICE), where 97 undocumented immigrants were apprehended and taken to ICE’s custody.

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