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Important Things To Consider When Making A Retirement Plan

Why do we go to work on the weekdays? Why not just spend the time chilling and watching movies? Well, for one, we have to be financially stable.  Second, some are probably paying off their college debts and some are raising and financing a family. With all the personal reasons we have, one of the most common end goals is to achieve stability.

Retirees who voluntarily apply for a part-time job report feelings of being more self-actualized

Employees of all ages are advised to have a bulletproof retirement plan. In this way, we can protect ourselves from the future financial battles when we are not working anymore. A retirement plan is a smart way of saving up for the future so we don’t end up working until our last days.

But what are the things that we should consider in making a retirement plan? Here’s a quick tip, it’s not always about finances. There are many things that we should consider in the future so we can make the most of our retirement. Here are some of the considerations we must not brush off.


Majority of the years we are living goes to getting a degree and working a job. For years, our body is set to waking up in the morning with a clear destination. Retirement eliminates this routine. Waking up becomes completely different. We don’t have to rush anymore to catch the train to work. That is why it’s important that we should consider what to do with our time now that we are basically unemployed.

Sitting and doing nothing may appear attractive, but it will soon become boring.

Think of a possible hobby

Staying proactive and productive can fight possible bouts of loneliness during retirement. The study shows that retirees who stay busy are happier than those who stay at home all the time. Being a part of a community can help retirees feel more fulfilled, which is a vital emotion when we hit that golden age.

Retirees who continue to move and do their passion are more satisfied than others

Though retirement is the perfect time to relax and enjoy freedom, retirement is still about doing the things we love- things we can’t do when we still have a job.

It is also important to spend time building relationships with other people. Studies show that retirees who have a healthy relationship, both romantic and platonic, are less likely to develop amnesia and other dementia-related disorders.

Stay healthy

This consideration both impacts the financial and the non-financial aspect of retirement. Healthy retirees are obviously happier than the sickly ones. They are capable of doing the things they love without having to constantly think about death. Going to hospitals and having doctor appointments is no fun at all, that is why it’s important to put our health above everything else.

Getting sick can also have a major blow on the retirement. We just don’t want to spend all our hard-earned money paying hospital bills and expensive medications. Health is always wealth.


Now, let’s go to the financial part of our retirement plan. Aside from saving money for retirement, we should also consider investing in either stocks or business. According to studies, retirees fear to deplete all the money they saved up for their retirement. The monthly budget will surely feel a huge difference since they will not receive the same amount of money like they used to. That is why it is important to find new sources of income that will help us live comfortably.

Investing in stocks or building a business is stable sources of money. Be more financially stable by the wise decisions we make pre-retirement, and our older selves will thank us for it.


There are two types of expenses that we should take note: the fixed expenses and the variable expenses. The former include our monthly bills and groceries, while the latter includes the dining out and shopping bills.

Before drafting a retirement plan, make sure to incorporate these expenses into more bulletproof saving. Once the budget is set, make sure to live from that budget alone. Avoid going overboard to achieve a more sustainable retirement, free of debt and unpaid bills.

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