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This Legal Professional Agrees with Trump on FBI/Cohen’s Raids

The Constitutional Infringement

The reasons behind the invasion inside the office and residence of Michael Cohen by FBI has been analyzed by a former independent investigator, a former White House lawmaker under Reagan, ex-assistant State Secretary during George Bush’s administration, and also a one-time intelligence agent at the Navy, Robert Charles, who shared his opinion on the FBI/Cohen saga.

The FBI obtained authorization for search inside Cohen’s office due to the referral from Mueller. Last Wednesday, US president, Mr. Donald Trump, lamented via his Twitter handle that FBI agents raided his attorney’s hotel suite, office, and residence. He described the action by FBI as an act of thoughtlessness, a bad decision and an onslaught on a bona fide legal official’s office just to get some information.

The society is currently swimming in the direction of flexion, Charles pondered that the issue is an unjustified investigative system

In all honesty, these invasions weren’t only done to fight Cohen, but also a contravention of the constitution and fundamental human rights on which America stands on and meant for the liberty of every US citizens which gives them the right to interact with the personal attorneys working for them with no need to worry on whether the government will grab that kind of lawyer-client interactions. This is a right that has been shielded from administration’s scrutiny, but same cannot be said today.

It’s an astounding swiftness and surprising immunity that the Constitution based on Fourth Amendment, which is a portion of Bill of Rights which protects the American virtual liberties for its people, is no longer safe. A call has been sent out to every american to stand up boldly and keenly observe the matter because it’s getting out of hand.

The raid authorization issued for the FBI agents was designed to turn Cohen’s properties upside down, permitted them to possibly withhold his credentials, mobile phones, and PCs. There is no doubt that the records of every interaction between himself and president Trump have been included among the seized documents.

It’s very transparent the principles of safeguarding Americans’ rights, as contained in the Fourth Amendment, which says that the right of protection in homes, individuals, credentials, and papers, against thoughtless raids and confiscations, must be respected, and there should be no issuance of warrants, except it’s based on a possible reason, upheld by affirmation or sworn oath, and especially the one explaining the exact location that needs the search, with the individuals or items that are meant to be confiscated.

The deep-rooted designed intents embedded in the constitution is founded over 200 years of antecedent and solemn warning about raids which are politically motivated in offices or houses, and that is why the invasion done in Cohen’s properties is disturbing.

The Fourth Amendment was trampled upon by the FBI, disrespecting Cohen’s position as an attorney in the process

No justification for Mueller and the FBI

Although a slim sphere of truths might make the apparent, arrant and savage action look right, considering strong situations. Nonetheless, the obvious political intrusion into an individual’s residence or office is not justified.

In actual fact and honesty, everybody is accountable to the constitution, nonetheless, no American should be denied of her/his fundamental securities, regardless of whether an ardent lawyer is desperately searching for the worst criminal.

The intelligence expert said that the rule of law on protections doesn’t operate that way for anybody. The determination to change to the approaches of the legal principles for searching, looking for or protecting something by an investigator, is not an excuse to bypass the walls of legislation.

He added that the decision is based on a strong anger. Cohen is a professional who responded to demands for his credentials with wisdom and the oath of his evidence, done by Mueller’s role as the special investigator.

Charles feels that a more qualified group of counsels can help in working towards marking the restricted bounds of the complicity from Russia at the elections 2 years ago, and make Mueller’s work more organized and relevant.

The lawyer obeyed every demand and it seemed that he was still obeying, even at the time when his likely connections to the ‘Russian alliance’ for the Trump campaign in 2016 became strange.

America doesn’t ransack a citizen’s office and house with levity, destroy one’s job, turn one’s life inside out, and abandon the person. Special investigators don’t work like that, and definitely, that’s not how the American founding fathers wanted it, whether Russia is involved, says Charles.

It’s ironical that America is going back to a kind of society that Mueller is supposed to shield it from, an untamed and undignified disregard for human rights, a self-will to disrupt the political legislation, he noted.

He believed that the country needs an order from the Department of Justice which will ensure that the jurisdiction of Mueller’s investigation is clearly defined for him and he should just complete his work. Another alternative is that the Supreme Court should pass a judgment to sift the scandal through and state the legal bounds of the constitution.

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