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Woman Arrested after Assaulting Pregnant African-American Soldier

A video surfaced online over the weekend, showing a perfect case of racial hatred and violent display by a 72-year-old woman and her child. Judy Tucker, 72, was apprehended for mild violence last Saturday. The drama which ensued in Georgia was recorded live and shared on the internet.

In the footage, Tucker was seen assaulting two african-american military women (one of them was pregnant) due to a confrontation that happened when she parked in the handicapped area.

While supporting his mum, son identified as Robbie was seen abusing the two female soldiers and at the same time, his mum was pushing one of the soldiers who was pregnant, even after being warned by the woman to stop because she’s carrying a child.

Judy Tucker was violently involved in a fight with two military women, one a pregnant woman, inside a Macon-based restaurant in Georgia.

Mother and Child Unruly Conducts

Judy Tucker surely didn’t believe what was coming for her last weekend when she harassed two military women while she was being recorded. The video was shared online by one lady called LaKeycia Ward, and the fame has soared ever since. Ward said the argument started when the major character, Tucker, and Robbie suddenly flared up after being accosted by two military women who stood before them as Judy Tucker was attempting to station her car in a spot reserved for the disabled.

Then the pregnant soldier informed Tucker that she is carrying a child and Tucker responded by claiming that her own husband is physically challenged. The soldier shouted that she shouldn’t be pushed because she’s pregnant and Tucker needed to look at her very well.

Her Final Arrest

Although Tucker claimed to have a special person as a husband, that claim couldn’t be confirmed because the mentioned husband was not seen in the video. Passers-by inside the eatery later intervened and tried to quell the altercation by pulling Tucker and her children, Robbie and Angie (her daughter) away from confronting the military women.

The video documented every scene from the altercation, all because she was stopped from positioning her car in a place reserved for the disabled

Eventually, the three of them were ordered out of the place. When she got outside with her kids, according to the video which was recorded outside the restaurant, Tucker could be seen sobbing when police arrived and arrested her. She was nabbed based on a single and mild charge of violence. She was immediately bundled to Bibb County Jail.

The video also showed her girl, Angie, defending her mother when she was being whisked away by saying to one police personnel that about ten african-american men surrounded Judy inside the eatery. However, one of the police said they witnessed everything firsthand.

Other people who were present at the scene pointed out that the visuals which showed the fight played major roles in Tucker’s arrest, although she and the entire Tucker family insisted that they were being victimized and harassed by the soldiers, not the other way round. However, she recently got her freedom when she was allowed to go after being bailed.

The woman is an owner of a thriving art renewal venture and she owns a Facebook page to promote the brand. Unfortunately, since the video surfaced, her page has been awashed with various unpleasant backlashes from her followers who feel unhappy and shocked at her conducts prior to her arrest.

One commentator posted that how could she be so mean to have insulted and assaulted the military personnel with their uniforms on, particularly a woman who is pregnant? The angry commentator degraded her and her son whom were referred to as ‘classless’ and both of them need to hide in shame.

A particular follower was more upset with her racist behavior by thanking her for displaying her hatred. The commentator believed that Tucker will likely lose many of her clients because of what she did and her venture will shut down soon. The follower expressed happiness that she was arrested for her disregard and for showing the racist side of her to those who diligently work for the country to be protected.

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