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Brie Larson Makes Another Stealthy Real Estate Move, Proving She’s the Wisest of Them All

When it comes to girl power in the MCU, no one epitomizes it more than Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel. The character is as iconic as she sounds, and without her, the Avengers may have never gotten the better of Thanos. The superhero is as stealthy as they come, and apparently so is the actress that portrays her.

Brie Larson is as stealthy as Captain Marvel

Three years back, Brie Larson moved into a Laurel Canyon residence without letting anything on, and no one was the wiser until after the fact. Once again, the actress has beaten everyone to the chase by selling this very same house under the radar. Could her real-life superpower be secrecy? We totally think so!

An Unfortunate Loss

Unfortunately, the MCU star sold this piece of property for a loss, albeit a small one. Letting the home go for $2.17 million, this figure was just a little shy of the $2.25 million the actress forked out to acquire the residence.

All the same, that the house was sold at a loss doesn’t diminish its fancy nature in any way. Would you expect Larson to have settled for less? Exactly!

The residence is an impressive bungalow built back in the ’50s boasting three bedrooms with a similar number of bathrooms. Over the years, the main house has undergone multiple renovations to modernize it, so much so that it has been deemed “Instagram-worthy.” That’s modern enough, don’t you think?

Its location is also magnificent, with the house being set against the Laurel Canyon hilly terrain. This, in turn, makes for some stunning views, especially with sunlight striking the hills. In all honesty, you could spend all your mornings watching the sun as it rises, and if you still happen to be home as it sets, you’d want to witness that too.

The main house boasts a high ceiling embellished with skylights, and the central courtyard makes it even more impressive. Hardwood floors line the entire house, with their light color inviting you to explore anywhere and everywhere inside this abode.

Wine, Dine, and Read

Look at the inbuilt shelves

The living room and dining room are somewhat combined, with this combination featuring inbuilt bookshelves. There’s nothing better than a good read on a full stomach, is there? What’s more, the living/dining area is just next to an exquisite brick fireplace and opposite this is a wall that’s technically a window since it’s all glass from floor to ceiling.

Off the living space is the kitchen, and if sleek were a room, this would be it. The counter-tops are jet-black in color and go well with the cabinets that boast an egg-shell color.

Apart from the combined dining and living area, the house also features a stand-alone family room, one spacious enough to be considered “a ballroom.” The lighting feature towering over this room cements this description, and allows for some fun when the residence’s owner has some guests over.

Isn’t that a disco light?

The home also has an office room, although it can also serve as a laundry room. It is also quite impressive, featuring glass windows and a lone door. And what of the master suite? It is undoubtedly the most impressive room of all, and just at a quick glance, you notice that the room is oozing luxury.

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