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From France to Maldives: A Look Inside Sophie and Joe Jonas’ Extravagant Honeymoon

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas make quite the couple, don’t they? After surprising us all with a Vegas wedding earlier this year, they then delivered on their French wedding promise. Given the venue the ceremony went down at (the Château de Tourreau), it is safe to assume that it was as intimate as they come.

They must have been thinking about their May surprise wedding

And if the wedding was really something, then the couple’s honeymoon was nothing short of paradise to say the least. The newlyweds kept the rest of us in the dark for a while (and we totally get that) but they eventually let us in on their secret getaway.

The Soneva Fushi

It was straight from France to the Maldives for Mr. and Mrs. Jonas, with the couple enjoying the tropics from the Soneva Fushi. Among other things, the hotel’s location ensured that they had heavenly oceanic views, enjoying delectable while at it.

The trip also had the couple having fun on waterslides, as Joe so graciously shared on his Instagram page. The singer uploaded a video of himself having the time of his life by the ocean, in addition to images of his wife enjoying the view while swinging on a hammock. Her beautiful rings were clear for everyone to see, by the way.

The couple enjoyed their stay in France

Of course, Turner also had to share some of their adventures with her followers, choosing to start with snapshots of their hotel. The stark contrast between the blue ocean and the colors of the hotel had everyone wishing they were the ones out there on the beach.

Sophie also uploaded several images of Joe, including several where he was enjoying the beautiful sunset, gobbling up some sushi, and another one of the singers enjoying a bike ride. Who wouldn’t die for such a vacay?

The Soneva Fushi is on an island by the name Kunfunadhoo, with the hotel’s beachfront villas being its biggest selling point. They go from $1,400 a night to as high as $28,000 depending on the kind of luxury you’re up for. The villas vary in size from a one-bedroom home going upwards to a maximum of nine bedrooms, with most of them boasting private kitchens, pools, and guaranteed privacy.

What’s more, the hotel is only forty minutes away from Malé, capital of the Maldives, that is if you travel via a seaplane. If you can afford spending $28,000 per night, then hiring out a plane should be the least of your concerns, no?

It’s Never a Dull Moment

It’s never a dull moment at the Soneva Fushi

Guests at the luxurious resort never have a dull moment during their entire stay, seeing as they have a host of fun activities to keep them engaged, including snorkeling. Those of you who are into glassblowing are also in luck! Additionally, six restaurants ensure that you never go hungry, while the open-air cinema keeps you thoroughly entertained. They’ve thought of everything, haven’t they?

If you didn’t already know, the couple’s honeymoon isn’t the first time Sophie and Joe have been to the Maldives. The tropical country seems to be their perfect getaway spot since they were here last year. They spent their “me-time” at the Coco Privé, parting with $45,000 each night for a roof over their head.

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