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Gayle King is the Highest Paid Female Host on CBS News, But Here Are the Issues She’s Still Facing on the Network

According to Gayle King, CBS This Morning’s host, the network has been facing “some issues”. However, she also mentioned that they were looking to commence a “new chapter” at the distressing news division.

King claims CBS will be starting a “new chapter”

CBS News “new chapter”

When she says “some issues”, King was talking about the embarrassment faced by the network due to the #MeToo scandals. She spoke at Cannes Lions to give details of the scandal. The outrage involved Charlie Rose, her former co-host, and the networks’ CEO and chairman, Les Moonves.

The show was re-launched by King in May, with an entirely new crew. She claimed that the beauty is the team members knowing each other, and having worked together before. She refers to the ordeal to issues the network has had in the past but is definitely working to get over it. King used the term a “new chapter”, to elaborate that CBS was putting the past behind them and beginning afresh.

She then added that the crew had never been ashamed of working at CBS despite the issues.  King personally said that people come up to her to assure of their pride in the network. She praised them as a team that gets right back up and goes back to work after being knocked to the ground.

King avoids any discussion on her colleague Norah

King did stop there; she made sure the world knew what a badass their new female boss is. She described Susan Zirinsky as “our badass new boss”, and went on to mention that she was the first female president and senior executive producer of the network.

King was also not afraid to point out her height and complement it with her being a badass visionary. According to how King described her, it seems like Zirinsky sure graced them with her presence.

However, King avoided the topic on her colleague, Norah O’Donnell, when speaking with Michael Kassan, Media Link’s chairman at Cannes. The two have been rumored to have a tense relationship, but both deny it publicly.

King’s view of her career

When talking about her career, she confessed her disreputable interview with the famous R. Kelly was an extremely big moment for her. King was proud of the way she handled the interview, and the composure it took to avoid him leaving the room.

That was a really frightening situation to be in

The interview must have been very important for her to save, since with the screaming and spitting, what worried her was being covered in spit. She claimed that she was only afraid of R. Kelly hitting her accidently since she felt he wouldn’t do it intentionally.

King added that when she sees the now-famous photo of the angry Kelly frantic and furious, she realizes how frightening the ordeal was.

However, she mentioned that she doesn’t feel famous even though she is close friends with Oprah and has a new $11 million deal with the network.

Her son, at the age of 6, told her that he liked her to remain slightly famous and rich, as opposed to being over the top famous like his aunt Oprah. Since then she sees herself as slightly rich and famous.

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