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The Hypocrisy Behind Harry and Meghan’s Latest Move: How Bad Are Private Planes for the Environment?

Truth be told, environmentalists are ever ready to call out members of the British monarch when they seemingly act contrary to their views on climate change. But is it not all in a bid to ensure that they don’t preach water and take wine?

On the Receiving End

They flew private and environmentalists were not amused

The Sussex couple was recently on the receiving end of the environmentalists’ wrath, thanks to flying private four times in under two weeks. These four private flights contributed to unnecessary carbon emissions, an eventuality that could have been avoided if Meghan and Prince Harry had flown commercial.

Naturally, people took sides, with those supporting the couple claiming that they had to charter said flights for their own security. Among them was popular singer Elton John, and this argument sounds plausible, right?

But as it turns out, the royals can actually fly commercial with no added threat to their lives, as Prince William and his family proved. Just last week, the Cambridge family flew to Scotland on an economy flight, one whose tickets cost $89 each.

On their way to visit the Queen

They were on their way to visit the Queen at her favorite Balmoral castle, and to no one’s surprise, they actually enjoyed a bit of special treatment while aboard the plane. But at least they weren’t contributing to excess carbon in the environment. Isn’t that a plus?

According to a regular passenger on the particular flight, the royal family’s presence wasn’t that much of a big deal. There was no fuss about it, and they all fit right in. Most passengers actually didn’t know that they were there, and it took this source a while before noticing that Kate’s mom was a seated a few rows in from of them.

As you may have guessed, comparisons were subsequently drawn between the actions of either Prince and his family, with Prince Harry being the butt of the joke. Robert Jobson, royal biographer, went all in, terming the “for their own security” reason given for the Sussex couple’s actions as utter nonsense.

A Long-standing Practice

He went on to say that members of the royal family had been flying commercial for ages, even singling out Princess Diana while at it. According to him, the fact that William and his family did it means that so can his brother, and if what they’re worried about is their security, their protection officers should take care of that.

They’ve actually flown commercial before

Despite the heat coming Meghan and Harry’s way, however, the two have actually flown commercial before. Last fall, the two were on their Pacific Islands, New Zealand, and Australia tour, and did you hear anything about private jets?

On New Year’s Eve, the Sussex couple went ahead and boarded a commercial flight to France to join their friends in ushering in the new year, so no one can argue that they have no idea what it means to fly like the rest of us do.

Whatever reason they may have had to choose the private flights route recently, we’ll know some time next year when the annual royal expenditure report is released, but you can bet that they won’t be flying private anytime soon. Isn’t there a saying that goes, once bitten twice shy?

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