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I’ma Let You Finish Beyoncé, But Rihanna is the Richest Female Music Artist in the World

Rihanna’s wealth of talent has brought her quite the sizeable fortune, as the singer is now worth $600 million, going by the Forbes’ listing. And you know what that means, don’t you? Beyonce is about to lose her title as the richest female artist in the world to none other than Bad Girl RiRi.

According to the shocking report, Queen Bey’s $400 million pales against the Fenti Beauty mogul who has made a name for herself in both the music and beauty industry. The singer-turned-entrepreneur even beat Céline Dion’s $450 million and Madonna’s $570 million.

Hold up Beyoncé, there’s a new queen in town

A Long Way

The Barbados singer has really come a long way from the challenges of her childhood. Rihanna has been open about the struggles her family faced and how her parents could hardly afford anything when she was growing up. The one prized possession she did have was a Timberlands pair, which she purchased after saving up for a whole year. Talk of discipline and determination!

This same drive is what Rihanna carried over to the music industry, and her hard work has paid off more than once. She has received numerous accolades, collaborated with the best of the best, and featured in countless hit songs. She has also ventured into acting, and her exploits on that front have also brought in some big bucks.

Rihanna is also an established entrepreneur, having launched various products. Her partnerships with various companies as a brand ambassador have also contributed to her cumulative wealth, and don’t we love ourselves a jack of all trades who seems to get everything right? That’s RiRi for you!

Rihanna starred in Ocean’s 8 alongside Sandra Bullock and Sarah Paulson

And although we know Rihanna for being lavish whilst treating herself to the latest fashion, a vacation, most of her money actually goes into putting a smile on others. The 31-year-old is gifted when it comes to spending on others, be it her family, friends, or generally those in need.

Her philanthropic side is evident in the fact that Harvard named her 2017’s humanitarian of the year. To achieve such recognition, and from no less than Harvard, you must really have poured your heart out into helping humanity.

Sold Out Concerts

Whenever Rihanna is on tour, best believe that her concerts are always sold out. Touring has been one of her biggest sources of income, with the singer making over $140 million in 2013 alone, from her Diamonds World Tour. While on tour again in 2016, her earnings got a significant boost after Samsung offered her $25 million to promote their products.

Riri is also a humanitarian

The world must really love her music, seeing as Rihanna has sold albums to the tune of 60 million, and that’s just the closest estimate. In 2016 alone, the global sensation made $7.6 million via streaming services, and $2.5 million via album and digital track sales.

Remember those products we mentioned? Rihanna has eleven fragrances to her name, and her flagship product (Reb’l Fleur) has so far brought in an approximate $80 million. She also has a makeup brand, by the name of Fenty Beauty. She holds 15% of the brand whose total worth is $3 billion, with the lion’s share of the stake going to LVMH.

And if you think she’s anywhere close to being done, think again. As she put it, she never thought she would ever make as much as she does, and now that it’s happening, nothing is going to stop her.

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