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Internet’s Boyfriend Keanu Reeves Could Receive a Special Accolade from Time Magazine

Keanu Reeves, who is famously known for his role as John Wick in the John Wick franchise, has become more popular than ever, and it isn’t because of his acting career! More famously known as the ‘internet’s favorite boyfriend’, the Matrix star has gathered quite the attention online due to his down-to-earth nature.

Keanu Reeves is a popular lad!

Reeves’ Incredible Popularity

Reeves has recently stirred up a publicity storm on the internet, with fans sharing pictures showing the kind and respectful soul he is. People are now also being vocal about their “favorite boyfriend” being named person of the year by Time magazine.

Fans have created petitions on sites such as, which is gradually heating up, and have also turned to Twitter for a fighting platform.

His followers are proving to be very dedicated this time around and have taken their love for Reeves even further. Just recently, the actor won the hearts of the public with his charming reaction to being labeled as a favorite boyfriend. His innate goodness has driven his fans to demand that he be recognized by Time.

Fans demand this man to be named the person of the year

‘Person of the Year’

On, there exists more than a few petitions urging the magazine to honor Reeves. One user named Jackson Beem created a petition in English that garnered 33,000 signatures within a week!

When describing his petition, Beem wrote that Reeves is the most wholesome person in the world, in an attempt to encourage Time to recognize him.

Another user, Richard Salazar, wrote yet another petition but this time in Spanish. And just like his fellow petitioner, he also praises Reeves, describing him as an individual who influences just about everyone. Salazar then adds that his appeal, human qualities, decorum, and plainness qualify him for the person of the year honor.

Salazar’s petition also points out that what the world needs today is more people like Keanu, who is a great example and role model. The Spanish petition has garnered around 2500 signatures.

The fight for Reeves recognition on Twitter is just about the same as in the petitions. Fans are describing why they find the actor so influential and proclaim that he deserves to be titled person of the year.

One fan claimed that even if Time does not give the honor to Reeves, he is still the person of the year to his fans.

Most influential person of 2019

On the Time’s website, the magazine describes the person of the year title to be suitable for an individual with the deepest impact on the world throughout the year.

The magazine announces the recognized person, group or unit in December of every year. Notable individuals who have been previously chosen for the title are Angela Merkel, Jamal Khashoggi, Barack Obama, and Pope Francis.

However, Hollywood celebrities are normally never chosen as person of the year for their career accomplishments. Unless they have a different impact on the world other than their films or music, such as their philanthropic efforts.

One example is a Hollywood actress, Ashley Judd, who was declared 2017 person of the year for her contribution as a #MeToo activist. This proves just how difficult it might be for Reeves to get the honor, despite the petitions.

A representative from the magazine was reluctant to provide a statement regarding naming Reeves as Time’s person of the year.

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