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How Much Did Chester Bennington’s Make Through His Music? Dive In and Find Out!

“I’m holding on, Why is everything so heavy, Holding on, So much more than I can carry, I keep dragging around what’s bringing me down, If I just let go, I’d be set free…”

Have you heard these lines before? Better yet, do you know them by heart? If yes, you’re a Linkin Park fan, and hearing these lyrics breaks your heart. It is thought that the song Heavy featuring Kiiara was a cry for help from Chester Bennington, the band’s lead singer.

He was the band’s lead singer

Linkin Park released the hit single in February 2017, and just five months later, Bennington was found dead at his California home, having committed suicide. Just as he’d hinted at in his lyrics, he did let go, much to the dismay of millions of fans across the globe.

Powerful Vocalist and Lyricist

All the same, everyone chose to remember the man for the powerful vocalist and lyricist that he was, with fellow musicians paying tribute to him in heartwarming ways. The late artiste was survived by his wife Talinda with whom they had three kids, along with three other children from other relationships.

He was truly a powerful vocalist

Still committed to him as she was when he was still around, Talinda Bennington is still fighting the good fight as the on-goings of who gets what from her late husband’s estate proceed. According to TMZ, recent documents the widow filed in court shed light on just how much Bennington’s catalog is worth.

Apparently, the vocalist’s music rights are worth $8,140,719. Of this amount, $5.2 million makes up the royalties cut, and since future royalties are also game, the amount is expected to appreciate over time. $1.5 million comes from Bennington’s publishing rights for music he released with his band, while $1.3 million is compensation for songs he wrote both for Linkin Park and for other musicians as well.

There’s also a “miscellaneous rights” cut worth $653, with its only other description being “community property.” Whatever that means, the vocalist put in the work, and we’re sure that he deserves every penny that’s in his name.

The Silver Lining

We’re told that we should always find the silver lining in every situation, and if we are to find one in Bennington’s death, it’s the fact that he left the entirety of his music catalog to Talinda and the kids. As such, no legal disputes over the splitting of the $8 million are expected.

Talinda and the kids get the catalog

Moreover, the documents his widow filed were official appraisals, meaning that they have nothing to do with any property Chester Bennington owned. There hasn’t been much fuss about that either though, with Talida now owning several of the pieces of properties in her late husband’s real estate portfolio.

With his family fairing relatively well, Bennington must indeed be resting in peace in the afterlife. What do you choose to remember him for? Linkin Park’s hit single Numb must have been playing in your head all this time, and we should all agree that it was the band’s best song, right?

Anyway, everyone has their opinion on when the vocalist was at his absolute best, and we’re all lucky to have been alive to witness it. Fare thee well Chester. We miss you.

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