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Not Even Julianne Moore is Safe from This Disease That Has Been Plaguing Hollywood

The issue of equal pay has been a thorn in Hollywood’s side for quite a while, and it affects even those you would expect to be safe from this sort of discrimination.

Just recently, Oscar Award winner Julianne Moore gave her two cents about the issue, revealing that she has fallen victim to unequal pay severally.

For an actress with a career spanning over three decades and five Oscar nominations to her name, this is just appalling!

Despite her experience, not even Moore is immune to the ills of Hollywood

Not a laughing matter

Speaking to The Telegraph in May, the 58-year-old must have been so amused that her interviewer thought she was immune to such discrimination that she answered the question laughing.

But her reaction doesn’t deem it a laughing matter though. In all honesty, it is a serious issue that should be dealt with promptly. Name one thing male actors do that their female counterparts can’t? What’s more, they are all loaded with talent!

For films where actors get their pay as a share of the profits made by the movie, Julianne Moore admitted that that’s the only time she would receive a paycheck similar to that of her fellow male lead actors. Where payment is upfront, it’s always the same old story.

Playing Dr. Alice won Moore an Oscar. Shouldn’t that make her a big name?

With such upfront payments, the actress continued, bigger roles and bigger stars attract more money, but the disparity comes in when male stars playing equal parts to those of their female co-stars are paid more. All in all, she concluded that it is quite challenging to work under such circumstances.

Naturally, this particular actress hasn’t been the only one speaking out against the disparity in pay between actors and actresses. In 2015, Jennifer Lawrence went as far as penning down an entire essay, seeking to figure out why female leads earn less than their male counterparts.

The same year, Patricia Arquette used one of the most significant platforms in the film industry to address this plight. While accepting her Oscar, her speech was all about wage equality.

She started off by saying that over centuries, Americans have fought for the rights of everyone else, and it was now time the country took women’s rights more seriously.

Jennifer Lawrence spoke out against the issue years ago

The Wahlberg Scandal

Despite all these actresses condemning the practice, it still lingers on. Early last year, it was reported that for All The Money in the World, Mark Wahlberg took home a $1.5 million paycheck.

Guess what the movie’s female lead made? Michelle Williams earned just a little over $1,000. Yes, you heard that right! $1,000 vs $1.5 million!!

The public outcry that emanated from this huge disparity was so loud that Wahlberg couldn’t ignore it. He ended up donating his entire paycheck in his co-star’s name.

Announcing his decision via a public statement, the actor admitted that it was important for the industry to start having meaningful conversations about the pay gap in Hollywood.

Truth be told, this can’t be a fight for women alone. Men also have to be actively involved, and that some are already doing something about it is positive news. In 2017, Emma Stone revealed that her male co-stars agree to pay cuts for her sake. This is promising, no?

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