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Russian Prankster Duo Disguise As President Zelenesky To Make A ‘Distasteful’ Prank About J.K. Rowling

“Harry Potter” series writer and popular activist J.K. Rowling has recently become a victim of the Russian notorious prankster duo: Vovan and Lexus. The Russian pranksters had a 12-minute-long zoom call with the author wherein she was fooled that she was actually on a call with Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky.

Nevertheless, it is pertinent to note here that the Russian prankster duo (Vovan and Lexus) are widely notorious for their infamous prank calls to world political leaders. Some of the world leaders who have fallen victim to the duo’s hoaxes include George W. Bush, Bernie Sanders, and Kamala Harris. Likewise, they have also fooled celebrities like Billie Eilish, Prince Harry, and Elton John.

Man’s World / The Russian prankster duo – disguised as the Ukrainian president – ask J.K Rowling if they can use her money to buy weapons against Russian troops.

The 12-minute-long video call is extremely awkward – the Russian prankster duo presses Rowling, asking blunt questions. However, the Harry Potter author keeps her cool and tries to remain as professional as possible throughout the disguised call. The Rowling Library made a public statement about the ‘hoax’ and termed the prank “distasteful.” However, the Rowling Library was the first to find the video online and discover that she was pranked.

Audio-Only Prankster Ask J.K Rowling Awkward Questions

“I want to see where your money goes,” says the prankster duo at one point. “I am sure Lumos has collected a lot of money. Ukraine is looking to use your money to buy weapons. You see, Russian troops are well equipped and aggressive. We were looking to see if we can use your money to purchase missiles, tanks and other weapons to fight against Russian troops. We will destroy them with that weapons.” Furthermore, the pranksters – disguised as president Zelenyski – want to confirm if she is up for that.

The Sun / Throughout the 12-minute-long awkward video, the pranksters were audio-only.

However, J.K Rowling remains consistent with her objective of helping Ukrainian children. “Well, we are committed to looking after Ukrainian children. I am certain that Ukrainian children have become vulnerable to the Russian invasion.” Nonetheless, she also asserts that she “really wants” Ukraine to have all the necessary weapons and equipment to fight against the Russian invasion.

The Russian Prankster Duo is Not On Headlines For the First Time

The prank does not stop here. Instead, the pranksters also comment on the forehead scar of J.K Rowling. “It looks like the ‘z’ symbol,” the prankster said hinting at the symbol that is used in Russia to support Putin. Likewise, the ‘z’ symbol is also used in Russian tanks and is visible in all Russian troops and citizens who support the Russian president, Vladamir Putin.

Federal News / The prankster duo calls the forehead scar of J.K Rowling the “Z” symbol, which is used to support the Russian Invasion of Ukraine.

“Do you want to change that symbol into something else? Maybe Ukrainian trident,” asks the prankster. “I think I need to look into it,” she replies noting that it will “definitely be something that will make a headline.”

Apart from the latest prank, Vovan and Lexus are widely notorious for making jokes about global influential people. More often than not, they make jokes about world leaders who are against Russian foreign policies. That is why some people suspect that the prankster duo is a state-run body.

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