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Stan Lee’s Fraudulent Manager Winds up in Prison for This Shocking Reason

Stan Lee. The man, the icon, the legend. Where would the comics world be without his genius brain? Lee has given us some of the most incredible superhero flicks of all time including Spider-Man, Iron Man, Thor, Doctor Strange, Black Panther, the Hulk and so many more.

Stan Lee created them all

In November last year, the whole world came to a standstill after the news of Lee’s death swept the entertainment world with grief. We’d lost one of the best brains the world has ever had to offer. And now we can only marvel at how Stan Lee’s mind worked. See what we did there?

Without his brilliant mind, we would have never had the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And just imagine how much we would be missing out on! May our hero rest in eternal peace.


Considering Stan Lee’s contributions to the entertainment world, it must have broken a lot of people’s hearts to learn that his manager had allegedly been taking advantage of the old man.

According to the LAPD, the comic book writer’s former manager mishandled his client’s money. Based on the charges leveled against Keya Morgan, he had pocketed $262,000 of Stan Lee’s money, earned from sessions spent signing autographs last year.

The LAPD charged Morgan with elder adult embezzlement, theft, and fraud, along with elder adult false imprisonment.

Keya Morgan was controlling Stan Lee behind the scenes

In a press statement released by the police department, they said that Stan Lee’s $50 million estate had no protection from anyone who’d jump at the opportunity to rip the old man off, inserting themselves in his life just for financial gain. The insinuation here, or rather accusation, was that ripping Stan Lee off was what his manager was doing.

In June 2018, Morgan moved Stan Lee from his residence in Hollywood Hills to a Beverly Hills condominium to assert more control over his client.

A restraining order was then taken out by Lee’s attorney against Morgan, who was later let off as the legend’s manager since he was manipulating him.

He would often make fake 911 calls, leading the man to believe that his life was in danger. For this, the LAPD had arrested him, although he was later released.

Finally, Free

During the filing of that restraining order, J.C. Lee (Stan’s daughter) alleged that Morgan had tried to keep her father from seeing his friends and family, in addition to keeping him away from any of the comic creator’s business affairs. Thanks to the arrest in June, Stan Lee was finally free from Morgan’s grasp.

Free from Morgan, free from the woes of the world — rest in peace legend

Investigations against Morgan’s criminal activity in running Stan Lee’s affairs were opened in March last year, and that they’ve gone on for this long shows that there’s definitely something that’s amiss.

However, Morgan vehemently denies any and all allegations leveled against him, terming them all as a witch-hunt led by the late chairman’s daughter.

Lee and her father’s lawyer. Speaking to TMZ, the manager insinuated that J.C. must have been jealous of the relationship he had with her father. Apparently, Stan Lee liked him so much, a fact that J.C. couldn’t stand.

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