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Practical Financial Gifts You Can Give This Holiday Season

The series of holidays are in line, which only means 3 things. Gifts, gifts, and more gifts! Tons of ads would reach you these times like the e-mails to open the  shopping season. Business will always be business, that’s why! The season of holidays makes the society busy, and our default reaction is to buy towels and soaps clocks. People hate them as gifts and you need to know that! Last minute gift ideas could be the straw if you’re to make it or break it.

Instead of spending your money on something you’re not really sure about and might even annoy other people, why not give a gift that would go beyond what they want but hit head-on on what could possibly be useful in the future? Here are some gift ideas that could be your big-time legacy rather than a thrill:

Give a Blank Check To Your Family, Friends, or Even Supporting a Charity

Train Your Kids or Family to Start Saving By Giving them Blank Checks

Train Your Kids or Family to Start Saving By Giving them Blank Checks

Give a blank check to charity. Giving the kids a check with the “pay to the order of” blank for them to choose a charity they believe in could be a good start. You can make some arrangements and take them there in person. These kinds of experience stay long and become a tradition.

Start Investing in IRA

Young people can receive a W-2 given that they worked and earned an income regardless of the amount or age. You can put money in a Roth IRA in their name. Try to search for the minimum and maximum contributions. Those under the age of 21 can set up a custodial Roth IRA. This means that you, as an adult can manage it until the person turns 21.

Open a Brokerage Account

Teach Your Kids How To Make Their Money Grow By Opening up a Brokerage Account

Teach Your Kids How To Make Their Money Grow By Opening up a Brokerage Account

Setting up a brokerage account will help teach the kids about investing. After the account was set up, purchase one share of stock. Be reminded that this isn’t about you and make them choose what companies they want to invest in. It could be anything that caught their interest, a restaurant, product, service. Research and find out yourself the possible choices you could present them.

Ask what they have in mind and find out why and how they reached the choice. Let your kids search it themselves, this might strengthen their skills towards persuasive arguments.

Start Investing in the Stock Market

Investing in Stock Market Maximise Money Growth

Investing in Stock Market Maximise Money Growth

You could purchase a stock in a dividend reinvestment plan or DRIP. This could be done directly with the company of your choice. Plans like these will give advantages that are not available when opening a brokerage account like having the dividends automatically reinvested in the additional shares of the company.

The policies of different companies differ. Some may offer a plan for free and others have minimum investments and put a charge in fees.

Start Trading in Stocks

Teach them how to play the stock market game. The experience could be your best legacy. Try plating with the virtual stock market with the use of Best Prep. This could be a good way to have fun and learn at the same time. Best Prep is an organization in Minnesota that is founded to teach students some skills they could use when it comes to business.

You Can Also Start Trading for Stocks

You Can Also Start Trading for Stocks

You have a choice of playing for 12, 6, or 3 months depending on your choice for $15 or less in every team. Pick your cousins, your aunt, or your most favorite person in the family. This activity may involve more planning ahead but worth it.

Bragging may not work well as you thought it would try offering a prize for the team that wins. It may be an imaginary reward but the prize can be modified depending on how you think the competition will be. Whether a monetary reward or imaginary, the important lesson they’re going to learn is the experience of their future investment.

Invest in Microlending Campaign

Guide them to participate in microlending campaign. The fun here would be learning to decide whom they would like to lend their money. The nonprofit Kiva is an excellent site. Anyone can help people around the world and create opportunities for as low as $25.

Or simply, Start Saving with a Piggy Bank

Piggy bank

Piggy bank

Open their minds to sharing, saving, and spending. Nathan Dungan is a Minnesotan that started this concept. Start the younger children with an allowance and three piggy banks. Put labels in the piggy banks: share, save and spend. The purpose of the money is written on the labels. Choosing the piggy bank could be an experience itself. As they grow older, increase the amount you’re going to put in it. As they grow older, the option to replace it with a bank account will always be there.

Now you’re ready to give lasting gifts. It is always good to give something very useful on holidays. Mix the generosity with financial education. Take your pick.

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