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Fishing Boy Catches A Decades-Old Bag, And Finds Inside The Unexpected

We have all heard about the strange and odd things that are fished out of lakes, rivers, and oceans. No one knows exactly what they’ll reel in on a trip down to the lake, and although the finds often turn out to be garbage, sometimes, people find something special. 

That’s precisely what happened when Brodie, an 11-year old boy enjoying a typical boys fishing trip reeled in a prized possession. His rod caught something big and while he was expecting at best a decent-sized fish he caught something entirely different. When he reeled in his big catch, he found priceless treasures that he didn’t expect.

This Wasn’t The Catch They Expected

One special afternoon in 2017, Brodie Brooks and his uncle were out on the lake trying to score a big catch. Suddenly, Brodie started waving and yelling to get his uncle’s attention. Incredibly, he had caught something big, as evidenced by the deep curve of his rod.

His uncle swooped in to help him reel in the big catch knowing that there was something huge on the other end. They managed to gain control of the rod and what they pulled out of the water took them aback. They pulled out a waterlogged, leathery shape that they didn’t know at that point would give up old treasures.

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