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Internet Is Unforgiving: 45+ Disses That Will Make Anyone Think Twice Before Posting Online

Sharing jokes to entertain others or oneself is a thing of the past now. Instead, these days we have memes and trolls on social media. While some hilarious content is created purposefully, the rest comes from people’s unthinkable posts and reactions. There are troll police everywhere, and they spare no moment and qualms to criticize an individual or provide a witty comeback. Their roast is brutal, and it burns hard without any heat or fire!

Frankly, some netizens invite this trouble for themselves. They try to sound cool or smart, but the internet just isn’t the right platform for pretentious stuff and an attitude. So scroll down and notice how people discipline one another. It’s going to be a thrilling ride, so don’t forget to grab a tub of popcorn and ice for the victims of this burn and blame game!

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