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Long Forgotten Legendary Celebs You’ll Be Surprised Are Still Alive And Kicking

Although most celebrities from Hollywood’s Golden Age, who produced their best work between the late ’20s and early ’60s, have now passed away due to age or other factors, there are some gems from that era who are still alive and kicking. Some have retired completely, while others have multiple upcoming projects even after having crossed 80 years of age. Although present-day Hollywood aspirants think earning a media degree or going to film school is the only way to be successful in the industry, the following legends prove otherwise. Yes, they did take formal training to perfect their respective crafts, but what has mattered the most is their undying conviction and unfaltering dedication to realizing their dream of succeeding in show business. And, so they did!

Pam Grier, Born In 1949 — Jackie Brown

Pamela Suzette Grier was born on May 26, 1949, and she is an American actress who became very popular after starring in several different films for both the New World Pictures and American International Pictures. One of the most notable films that Grier has been a part of is called Jackie Brown (1997). Jackie Brown is Quentin Tarantino’s crime film in which Pamela Grier played the role of the protagonist (Jackie Brown). Grier did such a good job in that film that she managed to get herself a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress, as well as a Satellite Award.

Ali MacGraw, Born In 1939 – Passion & Poetry: Peckinpah Anecdotes

With Goodbye, Columbus, a 1969 film, Ali MacGraw sent shock-waves throughout the film industry due to her gorgeous appearance and impressive talent, which also earned her a Golden Globe. We’re not sure why her career faded away by the end of the ’90s, but MacGraw did try to revive herself by debuting on Broadway with the play Festen, in 2006. MacGraw attended Wellesley College, which is not a film school, but gave her enough foundation to have a fruitful film career. We last saw her in the documentary short Passion & Poetry in 2017.

Ruta Lee, Born In 1935 – Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

Ruta Lee was a popular actress in Hollywood during the ’50s and ’60s. She first gained fame when she appeared in the musical called  Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. When it came to on-screen work, her most memorable performances were in Funny Face and Witness for the Prosecution.

Fast forward to today, Ruta’s already 85 years old. Ruta isn’t as busy as she used to be, but she hasn’t retired yet. According to her IMDb page, Ruta’s part of an upcoming movie titled Senior Moment. It is her first acting role since she appeared on an episode of Gimines. Gyvenimas tesiasi back in 2017.

Tina Louise, Born In 1934 – Gilligan’s Island

The adorable ginger who made everyone fall in love with her by her moving performance in Gilligan’s Island is now 84 but she still is a teenager at heart. Lousie hadn’t been spotted doing acting since 2004 but in the last couple of years, she’s made an acting comeback, despite being 85 years old. In 2014, she appeared in the film Late Phases, and three years later, she landed a role in Tapestry.

Loretta Lynn, Born In 1932 – Lay Me Down

Loretta Lynn needs no introduction as she is one of the defining voices in the country music genre. She has been awarded the most coveted honors in country music by the Country Music Association and the Academy of Country Music. And all this without ever taking formal guitar lessons; she’s actually self-taught! Having sold over 45 million albums around the world, Loretta is not backing down, as she released her most recent album in 2016 called Full Circle. The album included her single Lay Me Down which has received much praise overall.

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