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Solo Mortgage – Tips to Succeed and Avoid Blunders

Applying for a mortgage can be challenging, especially if you don’t have a partner or spouse to consult. A key difficulty is the single source of income, unlike situations where it’s a joint mortgage and income from two sources is involved.

But challenges are a part of life, and if you know how to get over them, you’re already halfway there. For solo mortgages, too, if you’ve always had a habit of saving with proper techniques, you can surely make the grade.


Unsplash | A solo mortgage can seem more challenging than a joint one, but if you play your cards right, it can prove to be better

With accurate knowledge and resources, a solo mortgage can actually be less difficult to handle than a joint one. To know how stick with us till the end.

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Tips to avoid mistakes when applying for a solo mortgage

  • Maintain your credit score

Retaining a good credit score is extremely important if you’re looking for a solo mortgage. The chances of getting an approval increases when you have no outstanding debts and a credit score above 600 (this figure may change depending on your lender).

The higher your credit score, the better rates you’ll get. Hence, make sure you utilize every chance you get to boost your credit score. In addition to getting a quick solo mortgage, this may also help you in getting a low-interest loan.

  • Seek professional advice

It’s always advisable to speak to someone who has more knowledge and experience in the field before applying for a solo mortgage. There are a lot of schemes you might not be aware of, and rushing might lead to missing out on opportunities that can be helpful and profitable. It’s worth spending some time to research and know about the rates of interest to the best schemes and seek expert opinion.

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Unsplash | When applying for a mortgage alone, there could several things you could need help for. Therefore, consulting an expert is advisable

  • Know your affordability

It’s important to know how easy or tough it would be for you to pay off the mortgage once you get it. If anything unfortunate happens and you lose your regular source of income, there must still be a way to pay back. This becomes an important aspect to keep in mind since there’s only one person who has to pay the sum back. Hence, you must consider your limits and stick to them before applying.

  • Inculcate saving habits

Savings are always helpful, no matter how much you earn. If you are planning to buy a new home and take a mortgage for it, make sure you start saving more than usual. The more accumulated funds you have, the more lenders will you attract.


Unsplash | If you’re planning to buy a new home on a mortgage, start saving more than usual

To give a few final words

Whether you do it alone or with a partner, it’s advisable to apply for a mortgage only after understanding it completely. Although it may seem like it’s more difficult to apply for a solo mortgage as compared to a joint one, if you play your cards right, everything may feel easy.

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