Mistakes that Shaped Lives: 40 People Who Shared their worst mistakes

by Owen Chase

Who isn’t a fan of America’s Funniest Home Videos!? We all love to watch people’s hilarious mishaps, and it somehow guarantees the most belly-aching laughs even more than our favorite sitcoms. That’s probably because we can easily picture ourselves or a loved one doing the exact same mundane thing that ends up being explosively hysterical.More often than not, these missteps, albeit tickling our funny bones, teach us lessons that we’d rather not learn the hard way! Like that one time you used ground sugar instead of salt, forgetting to wall mount the brand new flatscreen, or simply placing a foot on a banana peel and going on the ride of your life - the list of laughable wrong steps is truly endless. Here’s a round-up of times ordinary folks had to learn things through experience. Boy, aren’t we glad they caught it on camera, so it serves the purpose of brightening a dull day, besides teaching a lesson or two!

No Photos Allowed

There is no harm in taking photos with birds, but sometimes, you may want to stay away, just if they attack you; even the gentlest of them can be dangerous. This lady found out the hard way that pigeons can be harmful to humans when they attacked her during an impromptu photo-session.

No one knows why the usually friendly birds were a bit hostile on the day, but we bet they value their privacy and don't want any paparazzi action in their quiet lives. Anyway, we are thankful that this funny, albeit scary moment, was captured on camera for all of us to see!

Time for Some Quiet

We live in a world where technology has enabled us to record everything, the good, the bad, and the dumb stuff. For this Snapchat user, he found the humor in a sticky ordeal and recorded the experience in a series of videos.

While we care about his safety, we have yet to understand why anyone would shove their hand into the speaker? If it was to find a way to switch it off, it clearly backfired, as it ended up with a trip to the emergency room. We hope the guy is okay and that somehow he didn't have it loud after that!

Don't Drink It

Believe us, it is a complicated concept, but an important one and can even save your life at some point. Here we go, the things you are supposed to put in your vehicles, you should not even think of putting it inside your abdomen. We understand it's a hard thing to wrap your head around. However, you have to trust us on this.

Even though we don't have proof that suggests people have drunk it, we can only imagine why the store owner put this sign up. Well, that is indeed something one would immediately regret!

Till Death Do Us Part

Misplaced keys can become the bane of their existence for anyone who habitually loses things. From chaining them to the waistline of our pants or attaching electronic beeping trackers for easy retrieval, there is no shortage to the number of innovations people have come up with to keep their keys safe.

As this user found out, though, the safest place to keep one's keys is not actually on the lock itself. True, they're now to be found precisely where their lock is, but this set of keys is practically useless now, isn't it? Getting either object away from the other will only result in breaking it - what a pity!


More and more people are beginning to realize that not everything needs to go on the internet, and yet still, we come across posts like these now and then. Though we do not understand why anyone would want to post their social security number and driving license online, this user learned not to the hard way.

Imagine the horror upon discovering your entire bank account is now empty because that's the way this cookie crumbled. Over 57,000 dollars made a quick getaway from this poster's balance shortly after they posted this image! Talk about a harsh lesson.

Step Away From the Bidet, Ma'am

One of the pitfalls of traveling abroad can be coming across alien bathroom arrangements, and this intrepid explorer thinks she has found a drinking water fountain in there. The internet was ready with the truth when it came to this post.

Little does she know this is not a convenient quick drink of water; the confused lady is actually squatting for a drink at a bidet. As hard as it is to come across anyone in this day and age still unfamiliar with the toilet installation, we sincerely hope this tourist didn't really drink from it in the end.!

A Daring Approach Towards Dairy

Aren't expiration dates wonderful? Modern-day packaging keeps store-bought consumables fresh for longer than ever, but since all edible fare has a best-before date, we're certainly glad the little labels help warn consumers if their product is no longer safe to have.

Not this gentleman, though, who seems to have it all wrong - quite horribly wrong. Mistaking the expiry date for a time-period of waiting before the milk can be drunk is both comical and just a little bit unnerving. How can anyone not realize they're having spoilt milk unless they've simply never had any other kind their whole life? Sometimes it helps to just ask a friend.

An Unwittingly Glazed Loaf

For all those people unfamiliar with the kitchen, cooking can be a daunting task, and yet many home cooks are equally intimidated by the prospect of baking. All those precise measurements and pesky temperature details can be tough to keep track of in a long-winded recipe even for accomplished cooks.

With that said, no one worth their salt in the kitchen is ever likely to make the same mistake as the user who posted this photo online. Culinary supplies stores carry an endless array of baking trays and containers. Yet this person chose to use their plastic chopping board with hilariously inedible consequences - time for a new board, sir!

Better Find a Pro

This meme shows that one simple mistake in household reparations can be fatal! After coating the basement stairs with white color from top to bottom, this guy suddenly realized that he made a terrible blunder and couldn’t go out for a couple of hours.

However, if the person decided to do the reverse painting style, several awful things could also have happened. To do it properly, one needs to face away from the bottom of the stairs while squatting and move backward. If you are inexperienced, there are possibilities that the painter can get dizzy and fall. Well, better find professional daubers!

This Chair Is A Lie

For lazy perfectionists, online shopping is a blessing! But not always, our expectations meet with reality. This example is a reminder that before we add anything to the cart, we must thoroughly check the product description and specifications. After all, looks can be deceptive!

While we warn you about this hoax (thank us later!), some people learn it the hard way. For example, this lady who liked a chair ordered it off of Amazon - only to find out that it's tiny and probably made for showcase purposes rather than an actual human being.

Same Same but Different

We have said it before, we are saying it again - one must read those labels carefully before you consume anything, or else you may also end up putting a rash cream on your toothbrush instead of toothpaste. Bless the poor soul, whose morning must have been spoiled with this mix-up!

It's understandable that raising kids is a tiring job, and with stressful parenting duty like that, sometimes it gets tough to pay any attention to the little details. Mistakes are bound to happen! Especially when the packaging of the rash cream looks pretty much like a generic toothpaste tube!

Sharing Isn't Always Good!

Social media has become a source of entertainment and a medium of expressing our emotions as well. This person was having a hard time entering the code of his Nintendo eShop card and shared his frustration on an online platform along with a picture of the digits.

While he waited for sympathetic replies from viewers, somebody had already put that information to use and was having the time of their life. We just hope he learns his lesson and doesn't upload pictures of his credit cards, or else he will be in big trouble!

Hi, There!

The best thing about dogs is that even though they often land themselves in trouble, they always have a more optimistic outlook on life than us. Even if they get hurt during their mess-ups, dogs still try to maintain their jolly personalities. Not all pets are capable of doing that - yes, we are talking about cats.

Somehow this dog got stuck between a fence and a wall, but what’s adorable is that he does not seem bothered by it at all. Here is some advice, if you are all alone in quarantine, go to your local animal shelter and consider adopting a puppy!

No Job For Venom

When an unknown number texts you, it is awkward, and for hours you might just keep wondering who it might be. And if they have the wrong number, then you have the onerous task of telling them that you're not the person they're looking for – which can be hard at times. Though we have some tips for you to combat the situation, you can try telling a joke.

But there is only one scenario in which this tip does not work well: if the other person is a potential employer and texting to hire you, just like this poor chap. However, we would blame venom for this mess.

Don't Hang Me

Let's appreciate his owner's wit, who knew that he had to capture this moment. All jokes aside, we seriously have no idea how this poor dog got himself into this hanger. But it is pitiful and funny at the same time.

Given how messy dogs can often get, tearing up your sofas and making tons of noise is their favorite thing to do in the middle of the day. We bet that it was his curiosity that landed him trouble position. So, what's the solution? It's simple, hang the little guy up in your closet - just kidding.

It's Been So Long!

If you have pets, you will know how much cats and dogs end up in stupid and regrettable situations. Cats carry quite a reputation when it comes to breaking crockery in the kitchen and getting stuck in trees, but that's common, one would say!

Dogs are different creatures, and they prefer to think outside the box, trying to solve their problems. Like this curious pup, you might be wondering how on earth did this happen? Apparently, it seems that he wanted to go on a play-date with his bud across the fence. But it looks like he has now realized that it was not his best call.

Can You Please Post the Back?

Let this be a lesson for us, and make sure that you never end up in an awkward situation out of mere excitement. Never give away your personal information, especially your financial, work, or home details.

We are still trying to find out why he thought it would be a great idea to give people her bank details. Still, one thing is clear that the people who liked her tweet appreciated this gesture. What's funny is that many of the responders on this post asked the lady to post a picture of the card's backside too.

Hi, We Can See It.

In this age of social media, kids and adults try to stretch the truth. Though we have never done it, millions of others have done it, and we must say that it is absolutely entertaining when they get exposed online.

This girl, who seems quite intelligent, missed the point that she is wearing sunglasses and the fact that they reflect everything. Well, bad for her! She tried to look cool by showing her followers that she is bored and stuck in traffic. But the truth is right there for the world to see.

Don't Call the Police.

The people who have been to boarding schools or moved out for their college education would probably understand this picture. It is pretty normal to feel homesick, so weekends are the perfect way to reunite with your family and have some fun. But your parents can sometimes embarrass you just like this mother, who thought of surprising her young lad by barging into his dorm.

We indeed can't imagine a more awkward and embarrassing situation than having your parent break into a random student's dorm at your hostel. Thank God they did not call the police.

Best of Both Sides

We have all done insanely stupid things that we have immediately regretted, although most times, it is never a big deal, and the consequences are never dire. However, on this one, we are left speechless.

How this young lady didn't read and realize that the bottle has 'hair removal' written boldly on it, is beyond us, but we can all agree, this particular look does not suit her. We bet she would be extra careful from now on because this disaster could have been easily averted, had she been a little more attentive.

Don't Leave Your Window Open, Ever!

Sometimes little choices can have unbearable consequences; for example, imagine that you forgot to turn your car's lights off. The chances are that you might find your battery dead, and replacing it could cost you hundreds of dollars.

The same thing happened with this guy; he left his window open and that too during the winters. Well done! Unfortunately, a blizzard hit the city at night, and when this guy woke up in the morning, he realized that he had to say goodbye to his car's precious upholstery and fittings. Make sure you never repeat this mistake, as this picture clearly shows the consequences.

You Look, Rich!

It's not every day we see anyone with a $150,000 check. That is why let's not blame this teller for what they said. Making light conversation with walk-ins can alleviate the 9-5 drill of a boring desk job. We think we would have asked the lady the same question. However, as awkward work-place exchanges go, this one certainly takes the cake.

Well, we hope this employee has learned their lesson now. They tried congratulating a grieving widow on a sudden windfall that turned out to be life insurance - not the best choice. Perhaps now this bank officer shall keep quiet when people come in to make a hefty deposit.

What A Doodle

We all have strange, almost automatic activities that we do, be it humming, chewing gum, or bobbing your leg; each one of us does something like that. For some, whenever they speak to someone, they mess around with whatever object in their hand, and for this person, it was a pen.

Considering how many people doodle while they're in class, it is not surprising that this guy did some doodling too; the downside to it was, he did it on his pants, with the pen cap off. Maybe we're witnessing the evolvement of some subconscious art form through this!


Trying to out-wit Mother Nature is an impossible task; the best we can do is take a bow to her and align with her wishes. One lady found out in the worst way that sometimes being inventive doesn't really fool the weather.

After washing her hoodie, she remembered that they don't have a dryer they can use, so she opted to hang it out to dry. The only problem was; it was winter season, so after half an hour, the hoodie froze. Fair to say it wasn't dripping wet, but now she hasto deal with an ice-hoodie. Wonder how donning that would go.

Be Warned!

Regretting something immediately after you have done it is never a good feeling; however, your experience can serve as a lesson to the rest of the world. A young woman was left feeling and looking blue after using a blue bath bomb she bought from a grocery store.

It seems like getting beauty products from 'Kroger' was not such a good idea after all, and we bet after this dyeing ordeal, she gets her bath bombs from somewhere else. Sometimes we learn the hard way, and on rare occasions, it is colorful.

Smooth Move, Mate

Winter is probably the most challenging season to live through; you have to strike a balance with your outfits, layering up well so that you don't freeze, and make sure you don't drown in your sweat when you get to work. If you're a driver, you have to be up early and scrape the snow off your car, which is never enjoyable.

Not all life hacks are as practical as they seem, as this guy found out, the cold way. Sometimes shortcuts may get you there, but we bet he would never use sandpaper to scrape off snow from his windshield again.

Sketchy Tan-line

After a nice run, this lady decided to get some sun as she also got to rest, a brilliant idea, killing two birds with one stone. There was a slight problem though, she wore leggings that had holes in them, and the result was a patterned tan.

It was a good idea to sunbathe, but we bet after that experience, she would stick to pants just to avoid getting the weird tan spots on her skin. The upside to all of this was, she managed to get a unique tan-job in the end, so all was not lost!

Careful What You Wish For

When it is cold, we all wish for some warmth to keep us going, and we reminisce about the summer days and wish we would get them back as soon as possible. However, Mother Nature has a wicked sense of humor, as one Snapchat user found out.

The lad wished for double digits in terms of temperature; the only problem is; he didn't specify which side of the double figures he wanted. As much as it was a fair request, the opposite of the wish was granted and it got colder. Talk about the weather playing chess.

Soapy Chocolate

Some companies love to implement unique traits in their product for distinguishability, yet it can lead to a catastrophe. This guy, who had no clue about the chocolate-shaped tart that he held, decided to eat it right away after opening the wrap. Surprise, instead of a sweet, the thing was a bar of soap!

Believe it or not – the cleanser was actually the "bonus" that he got after finishing a job. We didn't know whether the grantors intended to prank him or not, but the trick worked very well if they did.

Oh, So, Wavy!

When on vacation, we all would want to document the experiences we had, and for this woman, it was no different. The lady found a spectacular location to take a picture, and she asked her friend to take photos of her.

The mini-photoshoot was going on so well; the first shot was perfect, so was the second, but the third was interrupted by a huge wave that came crashing in, leaving this one drenched in water. We're glad her photographer friend kept clicking; these would make for a beautiful 'before a disaster' story!

Have You Ever Tried A Soy Toast?

Don't we all love to start our day with a cup of steaming hot coffee, French toast, and lots of syrup on it? This person also wanted something similar, but he ended up pouring a lot of soy sauce on his plate in a surprise turn of events. While we love that salty, tangy taste of the sauce, we are sure it doesn't go well with French breakfast.

When you aren't a morning person, things like this give you all the more reasons to stay in bed! So, the moral of the story is - always read the labels carefully before you proceed with your meals!

Looks Can Be Deceptive

Food brings us joy, but the gentleman did not exactly feel ecstatic when he took a bite of this pear! Why you might wonder? By its looks, the man could not decide if it was a fruit or a vegetable. So, instead of identifying it either by its texture or smell, he tried the taste test.

Of course, things did not as go as per the plan! He might not have had a happy realization that the yellow looking thing was a potato, but it sure made people laugh all over the internet!

Mount Heavy Objects on the Wall

Some people do not understand the value of installing a flat-screen TV on the walls. For them, it takes incidents like these to realize why companies send wall mounting accessories with the device.

It may look amazing by the fireplace or might also provide an amazing view from the low-height sofas, but the sight of a crushed screen will surely make a dent on the floor as well as on your wallet. So, it would be nice to take a lesson from one man's fault and screw the machine tightly at a suitable height.

Birds Have a Sweet Tooth Too

Not many people get to say - hey, look, there is a seagull on my ice cream! Luckily or unluckily, this woman could say the same and also show the world proof of that. Oblivious to the clan of seagulls on the hunt, she was casually taking pictures of her delicious-looking food with an aesthetically beautiful background when this happened.

At least, now we know that some birds also like chocolate flavor. Well, if you don't like sharing your food with humans, you might try taking out these flying creatures for dinner. No? We thought as much!

Human: 0 Paintbox: 01

For anyone who is having a bad day, take a back seat because nothing can top this! Though you would agree that we all have spilled shakes and juices out of mixers at home at some point in time. Rookie mistake! But taking this risk with a paint shaker at your workplace might get you in a lot of trouble.

The poor girl is dripping so thoroughly with paint from head to toe that she looks like a paintball player. A game she did not even want to play in the first place. But, alas, if you don't check on the lids, a splattered mess is bound to happen!

Mirage of a Frosting

Bacon grease is full of flavors and is reusable, so it's common practice to save some for later. This person did the same, but his roommate thought it's the frosting from cinnamon rolls, dipped a finger in it as any sane person would do, and wasn't pleased with what he tasted. Funny, right?

But when you live away from home, having a flatmate who cooks could be a huge blessing, and it was fair on his part to think he was in for a treat. That white spread does look creamy!

Heartbreaking Image

While we try to consume even leftovers, someone dropped their fresh batch of homecooked chili, and we cannot decide if we should laugh at this mess or cry about the wastage of delicious food. After seeing this heartbreaking image, we are sure everyone would think twice before carelessly placing a full pot of hot food in their car.

And let's be honest, cleaning this mess would a tricky business. Imagine going late to the potluck dinner and that too empty-handed! Let's just hope his friends forgave him and had a good laugh about the whole incident.

Generation Gap

Our parents' generation is known to flounder when handling present-day technology, and frankly, given some of the latest innovations, even a tech pro might occasionally stumble. Cellphones, however, have been around for so long and are such an integral part of our everyday lives that you'd think everyone knows how they work.

Not this mother, because as it turns out she seems to have inserted the wrong cable into the charging port. In her defense, the headphone wire is tangled in with the charger's, and anyone not really paying attention could make the mixup in a hurry.

Clean Cut Tech

Setting the apparent hilarity of this picture aside, we must say we absolutely sympathize with this person because anyone who's ever bought anything that came in this packaging knows getting the product out isn't the easiest of tasks.

The decision to use a pair of scissors to get the job done was not a bad idea, but perhaps more attention would not have been unwelcome before cutting - that brand new charging cable is a goner now. If anything, let this be a cry of help to the manufacturers that opt for this sort of packing to stop tormenting their poor customers and choose a more user-friendly design.

Learn From My Suction Cup Mishap

Did you know that the earliest suction cups were discovered in ancient Greece, made from the leathery suckers of octopi? There's a reason why they're used to attach objects to nonporous or flat surfaces like tiles, refrigerator doors, and walls. Well, this dad experimented and had one attached to his forehead.

He called on his kid to yank it off, and the result is as everyone sees in this image. His curiosity left him with a painful dark spot and regrets. It looks like the aftermath of cupping therapy gone wrong. Please stick to using suction cups for their intended purpose. Next: Let's filter the mass, shall we?

A Filtered Church Service

Social media has taken the world by storm, so more people are conducting their activities live online. This priest is no exception to what's fast becoming a phenomenon. While broadcasting a holy mass, he didn't realize that he had unintentionally activated many filters.

Filters date back to the 19th century when photographers used colored glass to enhance images. So, the priest must have been using them for a similar role but forgot to turn them off, leaving us with these confusing yet majestic images. It's prudent to always check the settings before going live unless one's aiming for a divine comedy. Next: Thanks, but no thanks for this computer keyboard.

This Size Doesn't Fit!

Buying things online is fun and fulfilling when the purchaser has all the details about the products they intend to order. It's not just clicking away for the sake of it! This father erred in purchasing a computer typing device on Amazon, as he ordered without verifying the measurements.

Surprisingly, the QWERTY keyboard layout was designed in 1873 to prevent the jamming of mechanical typewriters. We wonder what jammed in his head when making and authorizing the purchase. Always verify the dimensions before clicking that "buy" button unless one wants their digits to feel like they're dancing the tango. Next: Terrorist or tenorist?

Terror-ible Media Mistake

It's well documented that the infamous "Dewey Defeats Truman" headline in 1948 was a printing error, but it wasn't the last of such mistakes. Media mistakes often occur, some with subtle effects and others with catastrophic results. Refreshingly, some media houses notice their errors in time and duly apologize.

This jazz columnist committed an egregious blunder by publishing "terrorist" instead of "tenorist" about musician Don Rendell. Luckily, the mistake was picked up, and the paper apologized in its next printout before things spiraled out of control. Always proofread your work, or risk becoming the laughing stock of the media world as a wordsmith saboteur. Next: My embarrassing "knew position."

When Grammar Flies Out of the Window

Celebrating the attainment of new positions at work is a common thing. In ancient Rome, soldiers received a "peculium castrense" bonus to celebrate a promotion. This person or their friends hired a baker to bring in a sweet treat with congratulatory messages for their promotion.

Things went differently than planned. While the baker got the word "your" right, they flatly failed to write "new position," opting for "knew position." Who even "new" they'd screw up the cake? When celebrating, one should ensure the grammar is as fresh as the new position or risk being the subject of office ridicule. Next: What more patience does one need?

Flubbing the Reading

Now, this is something to ponder. The world's longest photographic exposure lasted eight years, so this story doesn't hold the record. This motorist displayed incredible patience, waiting seven years to snap a photo of their car at 111,111 miles. Unfortunately, they flubbed it up when it mattered most. Oh, the disappointment!

Instead of capturing the odometer at the exact anticipated reading, they were a figure late, ending up with 111,112. Well, things go differently than expected in life. Sometimes, even with the utmost patience, one feels like a photographic fiasco on wheels. Next: How many editions of the World Wars did we miss?

World War Eleven, Really?

War—what is it good for? Absolutely nothing, as the song goes. But throughout history, we've had our fair share of them. While some wars have been horrific, only two have earned the prestigious title of world wars. The rest are simply "also-rans," unable to measure up to the legends of their predecessors.

Still, some folks believe there have been more than two world wars. They may need a refresher in math or a good history book. Alas, not everyone is literate. But fear not; we've never crossed the line into a 10th or 11th world war. Next: Never forget the sunscreen.

Sunscreen is Essential for Vacation

Do not forget the sunscreen! It's not just important; it's vital. The skin is the human body's largest organ, and it deserves some TLC. No matter how many years one spends basking in the sun, it's never too late to start protecting the skin.

Sure, a nice tan can be lovely, but looking like a human-lobster hybrid? Not so much. If one forgets once, it's forgivable. But if it becomes a habit, they might be served corn on the cob. So take care of your skin. After all, a skin transplant is impossible. Next: Josh needs some 101 cooking tips!

Oven Cooked Chopping Board

Living with someone else is a great idea. Not only can you split the rent, but you might also find a new cooking partner. Teamwork makes the dream work, after all. And who knows, the new roommate could be a secret culinary mastermind. Unfortunately, Josh isn't that roommate.

We suspect it might be their first time cooking anything that doesn't come in a microwaveable container. But that's okay; we all have to start somewhere. Here's a pro tip: Don't cook the cutting board. It not only ruins the meal, but it could also damage the oven. And let's be real: plastic and Pop-tarts don't mix. Next: Keep him out of the bathroom or teach Dad how to clean.

Educate Dad on Toilet Cleaning

Note to self: Keep Dad away from the luxury goods. This particular dad mistook a bath bomb for toilet cleaner, resulting in a colorful disaster. Can you imagine his face when he saw the toilet filling up with pink foam? We're sure he was flummoxed.

Hey, at least he tried to clean, right? But let's hope the toilet survives the ordeal. It might be time for him to make amends and buy his kid a new bath bomb. On the bright side, at least the toilet was left with a fantastic smell.

Next: Superheroes wear masks, is it?

An Almost Maximum Effort

Superhero stories never go out of style. We admired these champions of justice as children and even as adults, but some of us preferred the Joker—no judgment here. Superheroes embody values that we can apply to our daily lives. But let's be real: not all heroes have the same outfit or abilities.

These days, even non-superheroes are encouraged to wear masks. It's a simple way to protect ourselves and others. Clearly, Iron Man and his crew got the memo, but Bruce Wayne (spoiler alert, there!) may have missed it. Nice try, Bruce.

Next: Be careful with DIY hair dyeing.

Messed Up Hair Dye

Dyeing one's hair at home is a tricky task that requires skill. Most folks manage to get the job done, even if it's not salon-level perfection. However, some people should steer clear of DIY dyeing. Case in point: using a bag with a logo as a makeshift head covering.

This young man is now sporting the Walmart logo and words on his head. A bold move indeed, but it's unlikely to wash out easily. Unless he's starting a new trend, he should probably head to a real hairdresser for proper fixing. Otherwise, he might "dye" trying.

Next: Four-fingered hair dyeing gloves!

An Expensive Blue-Fingered Princess

Dyeing one's hair is a blast! Who wouldn't love a head of luscious lavender or electric pink to play around with? It is truly be a total transformation, even lifting someone's mood. The pros are endless. However, the cons are pretty harsh, and the most significant one is the cost.

But fear not! Anyone can easily dye their hair at home and save some cash. Who needs a fancy salon makeover anyway? Just make sure to read the instructions and don't skimp on the gloves. Every finger deserves protection—they're not cheap, you know! Next: This is why amateur tattoos are no-go zones.

The Weight of Amateur Tattoos

Looking at this photo without flinching takes some serious guts, so hats off to anyone who can handle it. But let's be real: getting a tattoo from one's amateur artist boyfriend at the kitchen table is never a good idea. The end result is likely to be a hot mess, just like this one.

The ink looks like it was done by a toddler with a marker, and the unfortunate recipient seems to be experiencing some serious blistering. It's enough to make us cringe and reach for the aloe vera. Hopefully, Krazy is happy! Next: Check out this pointless gate.

Fence-Jumping Welcome Mat

Landlords sometimes go the extra mile to make their buildings secure for their tenants. They might install gates or key-card access systems to make sure that only residents can get in. However, these measures are only effective if they're properly executed.

In this case, the gate is laughably ineffective. It looks like someone thought that a flimsy gate would add some kind of aesthetic charm to the property, but it's not fooling anyone. It's no wonder why nobody seems to be interested in renting here—this gate is about as effective as a chocolate teapot!

Next: A sneaky friend dashes with the winnings.

Learning the Hard Way

One's online social circle might seem trustworthy, but the digital realm can be treacherous. Once information is shared, it's no longer private. Who knows who's screenshotting or disseminating your data, so your camera roll should be treated like Fort Knox. Unfortunately, an Australian woman learned this lesson the costly way in 2015—losing both $825 and a pal.

If she identified the culprit and excised them from her life, maybe she recovered her earnings too. Talk about expert opportunists waiting to strike when least expected! Regardless, it's a harsh reminder that the internet is a two-faced beast. Never share private information online or in a photo.