Calling All Geniuses: These Ideas Deserve a Standing Ovation

by Owen Chase

A day doesn't go by without people encountering problems of some sort or the other. Often, the issues are so trivial that many decide to endure it for a bit and move on with their day, mainly because there's usually no time to ponder or act on finding a solution. Yet, some thrive on unearthing creative ways to solve problems, small or big, and we are here to celebrate such ingenious ideas that have comforted, eased, and tackled issues for everyone worldwide. Many of the ones included in this expansive list deserve a round of applause for their simplicity and effectiveness in making people's lives that much more manageable and brighter than it was. We are sure there are at least a handful of ideas that each one of us would find helpful in our everyday lives. Some of these should get their own patents!

Extended Lines To Follow And Park

We wonder if the skill set required for driving a car is different from parking it. Since no matter how excellent of a driver a person is, things get tricky when it comes to backing a vehicle to fit into that designated slot accurately. It's even annoying that a few somehow manage to excel at it.

So, for the rest of us folk who find it a bother without assistance, there's a good samaritan who has come up with a simple idea. Extend the lines onto the walls as an indicator, and they act like a guiding beacon of hope to people who need help with that reverse gear.

An Airy 3D Cast To Take A Shower In

Taking a tumble down the stairs isn't the worst part of an injury, as so many of them believe. Ask anyone whose limb has been in a cast for over a week, and they'll be more than willing to share their agony. One cannot relieve an itch, and neither can they shower - it's a vicious cycle of sweat and tears.

Here's an ingenious idea - a 3D printed cast that solves several problems at one go. Whoever thought of something waterproof, light, and airy deserves an award for thinking out of the box, or in this case, beyond the traditional cast made of hard and heavy plaster.

How To Put Wasted Food To Good Use

Seriously, why isn't this a thing everywhere! This grocery store has come up with a clever way to sell and save at the same time, and the brilliant idea is simple to act upon. Bag those ripe bananas with a few recipes to use them in and let the customers pay for something they'd use as soon as they crave some banana bread.

Usually, there's often a time slip between the desire to have a walnut banana bread with vanilla ice cream and enjoying the homemade dessert. This is because we'll have to wait for the main ingredient to ripen, which takes three to four days.

Automated Cake Machine

These machines not being more mainstream than they should be is an issue we need to discuss. Just think about it, a device that dispenses cupcakes! It's one of those inventions that come to solve a problem no one even knew existed until they saw the solution!

This cake dispenser makes getting a snack on the go a lot more convenient, especially when those cravings kick in. As we can see in the photo, it could also be a fun place to take a special friend or loved one. Everyone would enjoy this idea, except maybe people who have an aversion to sweets, but we bet they'd be amazed too.

Checkered Floor Against Misbehavior

This image, though fascinating, is sure to have our heads reeling for a while, so we can imagine what it would do to the kids in this school. A piece of advice for those who experience vertigo: steer clear of this hallway.

There's a method to this madness of chequered flooring dipping on the right side. It's a simple yet clever idea to discipline the children to maintain decorum. Seeing this would make them stick to one side and probably even slow down their pace considerably. It's a win for the management, we say!

No More Tapping On Washroom Stalls

How many people dread going to the public washrooms simply because they can't tell if it's occupied or not without awkwardly knocking on the door of each stall? Let's be honest, how many of us have bent to re-confirm there are no visible feet underneath the doors. Ah, just the thought has us hyperventilating.

Hence our utter delight at this place that has thoughtfully added a unique feature to allow the general public to visit a washroom with their dignity intact. A light over every stall indicates if it's occupied or not with the help of traditional traffic signal colors of green and red.

Walk With Confidence In The Dark

Forget stubbed toes or bumping heads into the cabinets because these shoes have small light bulbs installed on the tip of the footwear, which will light up the way when a person walks in the dark. With these, going to the kitchen for midnight snacking wouldn't be a terrible mission anymore!

It's such a classy idea that we wonder why these kicks aren't available everywhere yet. The company's sales would skyrocket for sure. Besides, imagine how many mishaps it will save, plus it's a great show-off too, so whoever came up with this design definitely deserves a raise!

A Rare Candy-Free Treat

Going grocery shopping can be so fun if only we could resist the temptation to load our carts with sweetened treats. Some are even successful in their no-sugar mission until they reach the checkout counters; this is where many stumble and give in to the multi-colored candies on display.

The management knows their customers so well that they organize products and counters to induce them to make impulsive purchases. So, this store with a bold and blue sign signaling a separate candy-free checkout is a rare case of a proper 'customers come first' policy. It's a brilliant move as it also prevents public show-downs with screaming toddlers.

A Tribute To Fallen Furry Friends

Kindly give us a minute to sniffle into our hankies. We're not crying; it's the cold. Now, where were we? Here's a pet clinic that's thoughtful and respectful of a person's need to grieve with grace and dignity amidst silence surrounded by people who understand.

We all need a moment or two, and sometimes a lot more, to process the loss of one's beloved pet without having to hear others complain about it in the hallway. Lighting a candle is also a perfect way to remember the bond with the fallen friend and honor them. These simple acts of kindness give us hope for a better world.

Stop, Duck, And Read The Evacuation Plan

An evacuation plan at the bottom of the wall so people who are ducking down and staying low can read it—what an ingenious idea to get us to do what we are supposed to in emergencies! We are baffled as to why we haven't seen anything like this before.

Most places we've been to have these illustrations posted high and above or at eye level on hallways or in the stairs' landing for our convenience. Well, we'd pick our safety and survival over comfort any day, won't we? So we think every building should make this perfect placement mandatory.

A Map To Avoid Candyland

Some supermarkets are massive, spread over a large area filled with rows and aisles of countless products. We think this is to trick us into buying things we never planned to buy. It's also frustrating when they constantly shuffle the sections making us lose our way in the commercial maze.

This store gets our weak spot and has offered us a remedy, throwing the ball right inside our court. Having this map on the cart showing us exactly where the candies and sugary treats are heaped allows us to make an informed decision to either indulge or evade. Way to make us adults responsible for our purchases!

The Perfect Emoticon

When on the road, it’s expected that a person will interact with the other drivers in some way. Instead of rolling down the car’s window and yelling out a “thank you” or express disgust, what if there was another way? Folks, we present the LED emoticons.

These are simple but ingenious creations that would allow anyone to comfortably express whatever emotion they want to show the other driver without the inconvenience of popping outside the window. Our only problem is, this particular smile looks a little creepy, so maybe one should go for better well-done emojis!

No More Peeping

Most times, when someone uses a public washroom, they’re a bit worried about strangers peeping through the stall spaces when they are going about their business. Luckily, with these bristles, the doors lock securely, and any openings are suitably covered.

Moreover, the bristles could also block any noise, giving the users much-needed peace and privacy while using the facilities. As it is such a creative idea to keep peepers and disturbance away, we wonder why it isn’t more popular in bathrooms all over the country. We need these installed in more places as soon as possible!

Plug And Charge

While airports and many other public spaces offer charging sockets, the problem is that some ports aren't suitable for the charger we have. So it's a good thing more places are adapting these universal ports to combat this, which we must say is a brilliant creation.

Now, a person can comfortably charge their phone wherever they are without worrying about owning the wrong adapter for the socket. We know how important our mobile phones and gadgets are these days, and with the inbuilt USB ports, we can be sure we won't run out of juice.

Clever Seat Keeper

Has anyone ever met or seen people who immediately swoop in and take another person's seat when they leave to take a call or use the washroom? Lucky are those who haven't! Good thing this place came up with a creative way to deter such people, and we must say, we love it.

Called the Seat Savers, these are objects that look like spilled food or drink, and all one has to do is place it on the chair as they leave. We doubt anyone would think about sitting on the 'mess,' and they would leave the space for whoever had sat in it first.

Flush Pedal Brilliance

Toilets are pretty dirty places, and while most of them are constantly cleaned, the thought of touching the flush handle is, for the most part, not a great idea. Of course, it's something we have to do as a sign of respect to other users, so we do it anyway.

What if there was a way where one could flush without having to touch the handle with their hands? That's where the fantastic flush pedal comes in. All one has to do is step on it, then the job is done, leaving the person with one less hygiene problem to worry about.

Two-In-One Footwear

The main purpose of footwear is to protect our feet from daily damage and provide comfort, but what if we share that there's something else a slipper can do? Since cleaning is a tedious task, all a person needs is a pair of these cool shoes and nothing else!

As a person walks around the house in these stylish babies, the microfiber fabric at the bottom will be mopping the floor simultaneously. One can even put on a Fitbit watch to count their steps. It will be such a multi-tasking activity!

Be A Smart Consumer

Before, big brands would put anything in their products as no one ever questioned the ingredients in their goods, but now the times have changed. Consumers can thoroughly research the companies, their products, and what they use.

Look at this long list of elements from Proctor and Gamble. They are open to sharing information about what they add to their dish soap and their purposes, so customers can easily understand them and decide whether they want to continue with the brand or choose something else. We think it's a brilliant idea! After all, a buyer should know what they're getting for their money.

Perfect Solution For 'Hangry' Kids

Let's admit that grocery shopping is such an exhausting experience, especially when there are always a few "hangry" kids tagging along. Thankfully, someone came up with such an exciting idea that we think it should be implemented across all stores as soon as possible!

Instead of offering sweets, chocolates, or cookies, the management of this supermarket put up a cart with free fruits for kids under 12 years. Along with calming a hungry and irritated kid, it will also develop healthy eating habits in them from an early stage. Undoubtedly a total win-win concept!

A Running Alarm Clock

Some people fail at waking up from an alarm as they put it on snooze for five minutes, and the next thing they know, they've overslept! So instead of constantly missing important appointments, here's a solution: invest in this walking clock and never get late for any meeting again.

What it does is it leaps off the side tables and rolls around the room until the person gets up and switches it off themselves. It's equal to being woken up by a human, isn't it? One also gets to exercise upon making up, making it an ideal remedy for late-risers, indeed!

To Helo Or Not To Help

Some people like to shop alone, whereas others desire to be assisted but feel shy in asking. An anonymous person shared this snapshot where a store has put up different colored baskets for these two types of shoppers. It wouldn't be wrong to say that it's a game-changing idea!

Now the independent consumer would not have a young part-time worker following them throughout the store, and, if someone prefers otherwise, they simply have to pick up a red-colored crate. In the end, the shopping experience would change for both parties for the better this way.

Watch It From A Different Angle

Honestly, there is no fun in watching movies without a large tube of pop-corns and a tall glass of soda. The only drawback is that we have to run to washrooms and those trips make a person miss crucial scenes in the film.

It is a serious problem that needs immediate attention, and surprisingly, someone has already found a promising solution. This particular theatre installed a screen on the floor of their restrooms so that viewers don't miss anything. What a clever idea! It will also increase the sales of this cinema hall as people would buy beverages without any worry!

Here's The Bill & Calorie Breakdown

We know many joints are serving healthy food these days, but here we have a restaurant that breaks down the consumer's calorie intake and prints it on their bill. Wow, that's an interesting way to keep track of the nutritional values of the meals.

No more calculating protein or fat intake in mind or worrying about forgetting those numbers. A simple printed chart like the one shown in the picture will help a person record their carb and vitamin consumption for later and help in planning their next meal. It would be great if this concept gets adopted in all cafes.

Sensory-Sensitive Sundays

Children love going out to eat in restaurants and play indoor games; this feeling doesn't differentiate between normal and children with special needs. They all have the right to have fun, so keeping that in mind, a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant dedicated an entire day to sensory-sensitive kids.

The company mentions on its website that its mission is to spread joy and happiness among all young boys and girls. They realized that the Chuck E. Cheese experience is stimulating for kids, especially for those with autism or sensory spectrum disorders. That's why they came up with this touching solution. How thoughtful!

A Mustache Guard

Men who love keeping heavy beards and mustaches know the challenge of maintaining them as well. It's not as easy as it appears, especially when the person has to eat or drink something and the food gets stuck in places it shouldn't!

Well, here is a solution - a mug with a built-in barrier to prevent any liquid from making a mess in the mustaches. Though, it's not a new invention because, according to Amazon, mustache-guarding mugs have existed since the Victorian Era. There's no mention of these fancy cups in the literature, but we would have known better otherwise!

Phone Lock

In this day and age, staying connected is everything to us, but sometimes detachment from our mobile devices is necessary. So, this is one way to keep those phones away from one's hands during essential meetings, dinners, or even just to have a break from it.

This cage is also a fun way to keep phones secured in times and places where they are not supposed to be used. It's perfect during family meals, examination days, library hours, and movie nights. We bet some people aren't fans of this invention, while others are already thinking about where they can get one.

The Staircase Motivation

Some people are motivated by working out and getting the results right away while also seeing the future rewards if they continue. Well, this is what these stairs hope to achieve as they show people how many calories they burn when they climb it, like a personal trainer.

Steps being fun and encouraging is something none of us ever thought would happen, but the ingenuity of whoever thought of this idea is top-notch. So now, when we're deciding whether to take the flight of stairs or the elevator, the former doesn't seem like a bad idea!

The Shoe Shield We Need

A person wearing a pair of stilettos walking across grates is a terrifying situation that could result in a bad incident. A simple misstep can ruin one's day or favorite shoe and even cause more harm than intended. No one wants to be limping around looking for where to repair their shoe, right?

This invention is so simple yet effective, and we are sure it has saved many lives, ankles, and expensive footwear. We have to thank whoever thought about this because now, people who wear heels will easily cross the path without worrying about the uncertainty that those tiny holes bring.

Assembling Made Easy

Trying to assemble a piece of new furniture is an extreme sport, from the confusing instructions to the parts that never seem to fit. We've been there, but this furniture producer had a better plan, one that saves both time and energy. They decided to pack and label each part needed for coupling!

Packaging and labeling each part is a good idea because it is a way to protect the screws and nuts from misplacing. It also helps the buyer know what is what. This way, there will be fewer frustrated people who make mistakes while setting up the item.

Life-Saving Fry Holder

Sometimes, we're just too busy to have a relaxed meal. There's so much to do, places to be, and all these make it close to impossible to spare some 10 minutes to eat as there's simply not enough time. As a result, many of us would rather eat on the go.

That's why we'll forever be grateful to whoever is the genius who came up with this awesome idea. We've seen cup and phone holders all around, but the French fries holder takes the crown. Then it even has a compartment for ketchup! Life really just got easier.

Pizza In Three Minutes

A genius that comes up with ideas to help our food problems is a hero, no doubt, and we're still in awe of this creativity. A Redbox is a vending machine for movies, but this right here provides pizza instead. It's perfect for a spontaneous date night or untimely cravings!

What's even better? This process doesn't even take up to three minutes. All we have to do is select our preferred pizza flavor, pay, and wait for the machine to bake it. Quick, easy, convenient, and delicious for sure. We can't ask for more, can we? So let's just binge on pizza and forget our sorrows.

Childhood Dream Come True

As kids, sliding down the rail was a favorite pastime. Unfortunately, it wasn't always safe as many got injured, and parents and teachers scolded those who were spared by accidents. Thankfully, someone thought about creating a win-win situation for parents and kids, and voila, a sliding staircase!

This staircase is simply every child's dream, and parents can now rest assured that nothing will happen to their children while they have fun. Parents can join in the fun too. Who needs the county fair? This is where the real action is!

Our Favorite Chip Holder

We all know how difficult it gets to reach the chips at the bottom of a cylinder-shaped can. There is no denying that tiny detail is such a bother and something we'd rather not deal with. So we know this bright person was thinking about us when he had a light bulb moment and came up with this nifty device.

This tool has a lip at the bottom that makes it easy for us to pull up the entire stack of chips. Plus, the device even has a feature that can lock it on the top of the can, so the chips stay up. We'd gladly pay for this!

Sanitary Door Opener

Let's not even talk about how disgusting it feels to have to open doors that have been opened by a billion other people—and a bathroom door at that. We already have enough to deal with by using a public bathroom, and we don't want the additional problem of getting germs on our hands.

So thank heavens for this sanitary door pull! Fewer germs to deal with that way. Now, instead of using our hands to open bathroom doors, there's a pull device conveniently attached to the bottom of the door. We're just glad we have reached a point in time where we can open doors hands-free!

Less Stress, More Bucks

Since we're all for environmental sanitation and saving the planet, we understand the importance of recycling. Thanks to handy bins, the process is relatively smooth. However, what isn't smooth is the process we have to go through to make some money off our cans and bottles.

With this handy machine, we don't have to go through the stress of sorting out recyclables, driving to the facility, and waiting in a queue. Instead, all we need to do is walk up to this machine, and it will handle the rest. Less stress, more money, so this should be available in every neighborhood.

Gum Wrappers

Chewing gum is a cool way to keep our mouths occupied when we're feeling nervous or impatient, but the problem comes when it's time to throw them out. We can't carelessly dispose of these gums because we don't want anyone stepping on someone's gum. Yuck! So what are we to do?

Although gums come in wrappers, it's hard to hold on to them, especially if we're going to be chewing for a while. Thanks to this genius idea, we don't have to worry about the top way to dispose of the gum. This bunch of gum wrappers come in a package, so we can easily take them everywhere.

Stick To The Budget

We all know how this works. We go to the grocery store with a budget in mind, but before we realize it, we're either under spending or overspending. Worse, there is no easy way to know just how far we've strayed from our budget.

Thankfully, this shopping cart has helped us get over our budget worries. As we put in our items, we can add the price to the calculator. That way, we can happily stick to our budget while going between aisles. Grocery shopping won't have to be a headache anymore if every store has this.

A Solution For Dog Lovers

It's usually difficult for dog lovers to leave behind their pets. Then these lovely creatures make this decision worse by giving us those googly eyes whenever we're going out without them. Still, as much as we'd love to take them everywhere, not many places allow animals on their premises.

For this reason, Dog Dens thought it was a good idea to create kennels for business establishments, and we couldn't agree more. These mini-kennels are placed outside so the pets can be kept in them, and owners won't have to worry about safety or health hazards. If these dogs could talk, they'd be thanking the brain behind this invention.

Self-Cleaning Roads

We love street sweepers and their massive trucks when we don't have to deal with ticketing and all those road issues. On the downside, there's only so much that they can do, and they require a lot of gas. In comes these street reflectors that have helped make things easier.

These reflectors double as spouts that dispense water on the streets. Now, street sweepers can focus on other important things while these tiny, smart inventions handle the rest. Apart from keeping the road squeaky clean, they also help defrost the road in cold seasons to keep drivers safe.

Enjoy Coffee After Saving The Environment

Most people would confess to loving these three things: the beach, clean surroundings, and a great cup of coffee. This fantastic café clearly understands this because they have an offer that is too good to turn down! Just collect a bucket full of trash off the coastline and redeem it for a java.

Although someone might argue that it’s too much work for such an affordable reward, the inner sense of knowing that one is doing something positive for Mother Earth is quite fulfilling. This way, a person can enjoy swimming with friends then give back to the world by tidying up the coastline.

Angela The Guardian Angel

We all need an angel sometimes to rescue us from those dangerous situations that we had not anticipated. Sadly, in this time and age of the internet and online dating, it's easy for a person to fall for an impostor, only for them to find out the hard way after a night out.

Folks in Lincolnshire, England, are pretty witty and came up with the 'Ask For Angela' campaign where a lady can alert the bartender discreetly and be saved from a risky situation. It's nice knowing there are people who are mindful about these things, and we hope there's an Angela ladies can call wherever they may be!

Everyone Deserves A Swing

Life brings us people of all sizes and shapes, and a great thing we can do is be accommodating, regardless of their needs. This park acknowledges that being restricted in a wheelchair is not the end of a fun lifestyle, and it has created a unique swing so that everyone can enjoy it.

With a capacity of up to 4,400 pounds and providing a freefall of around 4.3 feet, this is a genius way to show our folks that disability is not inability. Even better, the crafty rope pull design allows those with upper-body mobility to operate it independently.

Dream And Live In Color

Some people dream in color, but when it comes to differentiating between colors in real life, they have difficulty doing so. This makes it difficult for them to see the world's true beauty. Thankfully, the State of Tennessee has installed some witty gadgets through its Department of Tourist Development and Parks to help those suffering from red-green colorblindness.

Anyone with the tendency to view beautiful lush green landscapes as red, infertile tracts of the Martian atmosphere can benefit from this adjustment and take in the full majesty and glory of the land. Every part of the globe should implement this clever idea.

Road Safety For The Elderly

Although growing old and getting a head full of grey hair is meant to be graceful, one of the most stressful moments for an older person is maneuvering the pedestrian crossing on a busy road. Unfortunately, some drivers are downright notorious, not to mention impatient, and keep honking at these senior citizens, which sadly throws them into more confusion.

Not in Singapore, though, as their government and people hold elders in high regard. They have established a system where grandpa and grandma can swipe their identity cards at a sensor and gain more time to cross. This idea is very thoughtful and ought to be implemented in every country.

Park And Pump In Minutes

Over the years, biking has been a preferred mode of transportation, especially for those who want to lead a healthy and sustainable way of living. Unfortunately, not many establishments have bike racks available, let alone a tire pump nearby in case of emergencies!

Well, it seems those problems would soon cease to exist after someone from the Netherlands decided to invent a dual-purpose stand, allowing one to keep the bicycle upright and fix any flat tire issues at the same time! If only then can install this in every street corner globally, it would surely encourage more folks to switch to cycling.

Special Paper For Organic Chemistry

Organic chemistry is one of the revered sciences dealing with formulas and intricate drawings of chemical structures. These illustrations show how different molecules interact or bond with each other, so it's key to understanding this subject. Unfortunately, it's hard to draw on regular notebooks, but we're glad new ways are being devised to help in this.

This hexagonal graph paper is an example of such ingenious ways that have come up. Each sheet is lightly printed with hexagonal lines that help students draw accurately and neatly. As a result, they can now focus on understanding the formulas rather than spending a long time on the shapes.

Rubik’s Cube For The Blind

Puzzle enthusiasts have tried their hand in solving the Rubik's cube puzzle with varying and sometimes frustrating results. It is no wonder one of the top-rated puzzle games in the world. It's a great way to pass the time and is quite relaxing if one can figure it out. Who wouldn't boast that they solved it at least once, right?

The aim is to match the colors, which is a challenge for people with visual impairment, so companies have come up with a way to accommodate this. Using markings and different textures, the Braillecube allows people to feel the colors and enjoy the puzzle in their unique way.

One-Stop-Shop For All Things Health And Beauty

Teens aren’t particularly fond of asking for help, especially if it’s about hygiene-related troubles that happen in school. Despite having a clinic nearby, students still opt to address their affairs on their own! Sure enough, one school administrator thought this shouldn’t be an issue anymore, so they went ahead and installed a makeshift pharmacy in the form of a vending machine.

Everything from mouthwash to deodorant can be purchased through a touch screen panel, plus there’s a change machine nearby, too! Indeed, kids would surely appreciate having this around since it will be a lifesaver when the need arises.

Quick And Easy Mini Pizza Box

Storing leftover pizza inside the fridge can be annoying, primarily due to the large boxes they come with. Most of us typically shove the entire container even if there are only a few slices left inside, not realizing that recycling and a bit of creativity is the solution to this common problem.

Cut the cardboard pizza box in half and fold It in the middle to create a smaller receptacle to fit the remaining slices. This way, it takes up less space and can easily be reheated in the microwave without using another plate. Whoever came up with this brilliant hack should be given an extra piece!