Fall for the Instagram Artist Turning the ‘50s Into Twisted Artworks!

by Owen Chase

The up-and-coming Polish artist Figaro Many is making waves on social media with his '50s-inspired collages. He uses old ads and combines them with modern-day pop culture references. The result is a digital-art blend that looks simultaneously cool and disturbing.

Even though Figaro Many has already caught the eye of thousands of fans, his brilliant, surreal artworks deserve even more exposure. Today, we've selected 50 of his best pieces. So, are you ready to fall for one of Instagram's more unique young creators?

Satanic Pin-Up Model

The term "pin-up model" was created in the early '40s, but the look became widely popularized during the '50s. We've seen pin-ups everywhere, from old magazines to modern-day tattoos. However, we've never seen one looking this Satanic...

Combining the cheeky innocence of a '50s pin-up with references to Satanic culture is simply genius. The three horny heads make for the most striking detail, but we love how Figaro Many included a Pentagram (an ancient symbol of paganism) in the woman's leg.

Horror-Flick Vibes

Creepily titled "Yummy," this artwork by Figaro Many has, in his own words, "gained a lot of popularity." A young boy without eyes eating a human brain out of a bowl, the description alone is reminiscent of a horror movie, but the actual picture seems straight out of a nightmare.

Figaro made this collage from an original illustration by the German-American artist J. C. Leyendecker. Believed to be one of the pioneers of modern magazine design, Leyendecker passed away in 1951.

A Metaphor for Harassment

It's one of the deepest collages in Figaro Many's collections; a scared woman from the '50s peeps through a curtain, revealing a series of harassing text messages. Including a smartphone print screen is amazing, but the underlying metaphor is even better.

Throughout history, women have faced unwanted attention from men. But things only got worse in the age of social media! Fortunately, viral campaigns such as the #MeToo movement have raised awareness of the constant harassment many women must still endure.


Titled "Smoker," this collage is one of Figaro Many's artworks that references marijuana smoking. We love how the joint pierces through the boy's mouth, but our favorite detail is the red of the eyes (one of the symptoms associated with marijuana.)

According to the neurologist Dr. Alice Weaver, "marijuana is a stimulant" that can "boost output of all kinds." However, there's no scientific guarantee that it increases creativity. It's undoubtedly possible to do fantastic art without it, so please don't start smoking.

Dive Into Nuclear Annihilation

The end of the world was a common topic during the '50s, a decade during which the tension of the Cold War was particularly nerve-wracking. Families built bunkers next to their houses to prepare for the upcoming war between the United States and the Soviet Union, the two major nuclear powers in the world.

In this enlightening artwork created in 2020, Figaro Many is making a parallel between the Cold War and the equally anxiety-inducing first months of 2020.


Arguably one of the best art collages in Figaro Many's Instagram profile, this surreal image of a man in a boat traveling towards the sun has left us speechless. It immediately made us think of a sci-fi version of Ernest Hemingway's classic novella, "The Old Man and the Sea."

Figaro Many's followers agreed with us and praised this artwork with comments such as "amazing work" and "Love this one!" Sadly, this art piece is still criminally underrated and never exceeded 700 likes.

Alien Abduction

The idea that we are not alone in the universe has inspired countless artists. Figaro Many also seems to love that aliens will someday visit planet Earth, so he created this fantastic artwork featuring a starry-night background and a massive UFO.

Alien abduction is one of the most common topics explored by the pseudoscience of ufology. According to a U.S. Intelligence report shared by outlets such as Axios and Independent, an incredible 65% of Americans believe that aliens exist.

Six-Legged Ballerina

Regarding Satanic-looking pin-up models from the '50s, Figaro Many used his special collage skills to come up with this "beauty." It's a six-legged ballerina with two heads skating on a desolate, icy desert. Don't you think it would look amazing on the kitchen wall?

The centerpiece detail is the black cat on top of the pin-up's head, which ties the artwork together. In Western culture, black cats were once seen as a symbol of evil omens and associated with witchcraft and occultism.

Bad Parent Elvis

According to the Columbia University blog, children used to drink what their parents drank for much of American history. And in case you're wondering, yes, that included alcohol! This horrible habit only ended in the '20s, when companies started producing and marketing beverages made exclusively for kids.

Figaro Many seem to be a history buff, and he is referencing this curious fact with the help of Jack Daniel's bottle and a man who looks a lot like Elvis Presley.

Mindblown Much?

Titled "Brainstorm," this artwork by Figaro Many features so many symbolic references that it's hard to keep up. We love the inclusion of a few face tattoos (very trendy), but the most poignant detail is the rainbow beam flashing out of the woman's third eye (a symbol of enlightenment in many cultures).

This one also made us think of the cover of Pink Floyd's seminal record "Dark Side of the Moon," where a similar rainbow beam represented the many available paths in life.

Angel / Devil

At the end of 2020, Figaro Many started experimenting with collages that also included short quotes. This one shows yet another pin-up model looking like her most Satanic self.

The inclusion of two devilish horns leaves no room for imagination, but the quote in the book sure does! It's another playful combination of the opposing ideas of '50s innocence and modern-day deviance. Another version features an angel's aura instead of the horns and the quote "No Time for Losers."

Torpedo Juice

Jack Daniel's whisky could sponsor Figaro Many; he loves to include their bottles in his art pieces. Intitled "Help with a hangover," this artwork is reminiscent of World War II and alludes that soldiers often relied on alcohol to "survive" the horror of the conflict.

Alcohol was incredibly prevalent on the battlefields of World War II. According to Wikipedia, soldiers even drank "Torpedo Juice," a mix of pineapple juice and grain alcohol fuel from torpedo motors. Now that's a strong drink!

Space Age Golf

During the Cold War, the United States and the Soviet Union were equally obsessed with space exploration. In America, space was also a common theme in pop culture, and it inspired countless books, movies, TV shows, and even music records.

Space age pop was a subgenre of easy-listening music (trendy in the '50s) that the Space Race heavily inspired. The Soviet Union's space-age pop in the '80s was called Sovietwave. As for space-age golf, well, it was never a thing.

Run From the Kraken!

In what could be another '50s horror movie poster, Figaro Many used the mythical figure of the Kraken. Over the years, artists and writers featured the gigantic sea monster in countless books and movies. But did you know people reportedly spotted it for real during the 18th century?

The first sightings of the Kraken were described in 1700 by the Italian Catholic priest Francesco Negri. Years later, in 1734, a similar monster was referenced by the Dano-Norwegian explorer Hans Egede.

The Magic Book

There's no doubt that Figaro Many loves using Satanic themes and the occult. In this artwork from March 2021, he edited the illustration of a happy housewife to create a picture worthy of the Devil. We love the details, but what's that book all about?

The Necronomicon is a fictional magic book initially featured in the short story "The Hound" by the American horror author H. P. Lovecraft. Also known as the Book of the Dead, the Necronomicon was of Arabic origin.

Trick or Treat?

Here's how Figaro Many's creative mind works. To celebrate Easter day in 2021, he decided to present his fans with an art piece that screams Halloween all the way through. Making things even worse (or even better, depending on where you stand), the artwork is titled "Bloodthirsty Children."

The picture uses many of the favorite themes of the Instagram artist, including the human brain, the missing eyes, and the '50s-style kids. The red-eyed easter-bunny hats are the perfect finishing detail.

(Don't) Be Responsible

There's no shortage of inspirational quotes on Instagram. But Figaro Many's pieces of advice are as unique as they get. This collage is titled "Sarah's Tip," and Sarah seems to be a very naughty girl... Her tip? Just don't overthink your actions.

While we wouldn't dare to advise people to make bad choices, we have to agree that making mistakes and being irresponsible can be fun! Figaro Many's online fans agreed, commenting stuff like "Ain't that the truth!" and "very true."

Workplace Environment

One of the coolest things about Figaro Many's work is his use of subtext. There are many ways of interpreting this image, but we believe the artist is trying to say that the workplace environment can be poisonous and potentially deadly.

If that is indeed Figaro Many's point here, then he seems to be bang on target! According to Psych Central, a survey conducted in 2016 found that 43% of working adults reported that their jobs negatively affected their stress levels.

Overcoming a Broken Heart

Work can hurt one's mental health, but so does love! That's right: according to The Wall Street Journal, changes in the brain caused by love are very similar to those related to obsessive-compulsive disorder and addiction.

We guess that's another reason to "Stop crying and thinking about him" and move on with our lives. Overcoming a broken heart is one of the hardest things, but we can always count on great artists like Figaro Many to help us get through.

Be Confident!

Figaro Many felt confident and inspired during the summer of 2021, and his fans loved this artwork. One commentator even posted, "I need a t-shirt with that!" We guess that, more than because of the image, this piece is a standout because of the message.

Putting many Instagram quotes to shame, Figaro Many invites everyone to feel confident about themselves. It's impossible to please everyone, so why should we care about what other people think? "Not everyone has good taste."

Bloody Exes

Figaro Many has accustomed us to some disturbing artwork, but this one's so twisted that one commentator even said, "First of all, you need therapy. Second... nope... I think that about covers it." To be fair, who hasn't felt like drinking a cup of exes' blood? (Figuratively speaking, of course)!

Figaro Many used his signature white-eyes theme for this bloody ex-love snack and added a vampire feel to it. Maybe he was going through a bad breakup at the time.

The Golddigger

In pop culture, the golddigger is a woman who only wants to be with a man because of his money. The idea has been a part of America's mindset since the late '40s when the iconic quote "diamonds are a girl's best friend" was first made famous.

Contrary to popular opinion, the quote doesn't belong to the beauty symbol Marilyn Monroe. It's the name of a jazz song from the 1949 Broadway musical "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes," first performed by Carol Channing.

Deeply Thoughtful

Proving yet again his mastery of artistic subtext, here Figaro Many has explored overthinking by comparing the brain of an overthinker to the tentacles of an octopus. We think it's a brilliant allegory for those sleepless nights of worrying.

To clarify his point, Figaro Many added the quote "Lost in my own thoughts" to the artwork. We can't stop thinking about how cool this creation would look in a home office, especially since it has such a suitable theme too.

The Fallen Angel

Combining beauty and darkness is one of Figaro Many's favorite techniques. In this striking art piece, he states that "Not all demons live in hell," and is right. Did you know that Satan was an angel before turning into a demon?

In Christian and Pagan mythology, Satan was an angel who lived in Heaven before deciding to live free of God's laws and cast out of Paradise. He took other fallen angels with him, including Beelzebub, Chemosh, Dagon, and Moloch.

A Demon's Advice

Figaro Many has helped many people with his digital collages. His quotes aim to incentivize his fans to have fun, stop overthinking, embrace their naughty side, and—in this case—accept that nobody is happy 100% of the time.

We believe that not being okay is simply the state that precedes being okay. It makes sense, doesn't it? To find happiness in life, one first needs to experience sadness. This cheeky demon sure knows how to keep smiling through times of distress.

Guess Who's Back?

As we've established, Figaro Many loves exploring recurrent topics in his artworks. But this one is arguably his favorite. The human-brain-eating kid makes several appearances on Figaro Many's Instagram profile, and he seems to be all grown-up in this one.

In what may well be Figaro Many's most quintessential collage, this piece of art features all of his favorite themes. That includes the human brain, missing eyes, an enlightened third eye, and the blood falling from the character's mouth.

Hungry for Some Squid?

Whether you put it on the pan or cook it on the fire, squid is as delicious as food gets. Figaro Many may agree with us, as he decided to call this artwork "I love seafood." That '50s housewife sure seems to be in love with her next meal!

According to WebMD, there's nothing wrong with eating squid, as long as it's in moderation. Risks associated with squid include allergic reactions to the mercury that some squid and shellfish contain.

Another Great Piece of Advice

Figaro Many's work promotes many different ideas, but the quotes featured in his pieces always seem to bring us back to the notions of self-confidence and self-respect. His artworks recommend that people should be themselves and not care about what anyone else thinks.

That's the mindset of a true artist, of someone who does what he feels is right without caring too much about what people will say. It surely worked out for Figaro Many, who is an Instagram hit.

Just Smile!

Figaro Many's artwork celebrates positivity, and who wouldn't love to have this on the wall of their living room? This time, he tells us how we should deal with the haters: if they don't like you, just smile back at them.

According to SCL Health, there are many benefits to smiling. When we smile, our brains release molecules that help to reduce stress levels. Smiling also releases neurotransmitters such as serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins, which can act as natural antidepressants.

She Looks Envious!

The recreational consumption of marijuana is still illegal in many countries and some American states. But the famous psychedelic substance is the crown jewel of Figaro Many's collections. A considerable portion of his collages feature it.

In this piece titled "New Plant," two '50s-style ladies pass through one another, and we feel like one of the women wishes she had a plant too! Marijuana is popular due to its relaxing and sedative effect, which some people refer to as "getting stoned."

Drunk Sheep

Another great artwork featuring Figaro Many's favorite drink: Jack Daniel's! This time, we can see a cowgirl from the '50s happily feeding a sheep in a beautiful field that looks like something coming straight off a French Impressionist painting.

If you're curious, animals can get drunk and often do (mainly by consuming fermented fruit, not Jack Daniel's)! Some don't feel the effects of alcohol as much, but the smaller the animal's size, the more likely it'll be impaired by alcohol.

The (Real) Joys of Dating

Casual dating is more prevalent than ever, as people rely on social media and dating apps to meet with strangers. Dating can be challenging when things don't work out, but Figaro Many believes it's always worth going on a date.

Even if you don't get to meet the man or woman of your dreams, you'll never return home empty-handed. For one, casual dating is excellent for getting to know great new restaurants you might eventually visit with the love of your life.

Jurassic Park... With a Twist!

According to Screen Rant, the "Jurassic Park" franchise earned more than $6 billion worldwide, making it one of the most successful series in cinema history. While the 2022 movie "Jurassic World Dominion" did fine at the box office, the original Steven Spielberg "Jurassic Park" from 1993 is still the most beloved production of the franchise.

Figaro Many seemingly loves the movie, too, and even included Spielberg in one of his collages. And, of course, there's also a reference to marijuana.

Nice Girls Are Not Allowed

Figaro Many loves to use old pictures of pin-up models in his art. However, his pin-ups are nothing like the pleasant, agreeable girls promoted in the magazines of the '50s. They're highly self-confident, and they don't like to behave nicely...

There's no room for nice girls in Figaro Many's work. This bunny-inspired pin-up wants to be nice, but she knows she probably can't. At least she doesn't look twisted and devilish like the women in Figaro Many's Satanic pin-up series.

Perfect Imperfections

In a piece titled "Angelic Wisdom," Figaro Many reflects on how the high expectations of modern-day society are sometimes too much for us mere humans to bear.

But is Heaven truly perfect? Well, Figaro Many seems to know a lot about the Bible. The religious text does hint at Heaven's perfection in the 5:8 segment of the Gospel of Matthew, which reads, "Be ye therefore perfect, even as your / Father which is in Heaven is perfect."

My Baby!

In the '50s, the ideology of the nuclear family promoted a different kind of co-parenting style. Most people believed it was up to the women to raise children while men should be off working and providing for them.

This picture seems to promote the idea of present '50s fathers, but not quite. Instead of a baby, Figaro Many decided to put a bottle of Jack Daniel's on the man's lap. We guess what he's saying is, "Why have children when there's whisky?"

"High" Standards

Here's one of Figaro Many's most popular Instagram publications, with more than 4K likes. It's a pun on having high standards while being high (the state of being intoxicated, especially after consuming marijuana).

This piece of art puts a fun spin on that traditional scene from old movies in which a woman at the bar needs fire and finds herself immediately surrounded by more than one gentleman. Little do they know she's not letting any of them get lucky today.

Let's Talk About It

While there's still plenty to do when it comes to mental health treatments, we're lucky to live in a time when talking about one's problems is not only acceptable but advisable. Sadly, the world never felt as open to the people of the '50s, who often tried to hide their problems under a fake layer of happiness.

In the '50s, mental health issues were most commonly addressed with brutal experimental treatments, as doctors favored electroshock therapy and artificial fever therapy.

Loving Nurses

We all know this plot, don't we? When a multimillionaire is on his deathbed, plenty of people don't mind finally showing up and showing him some love. In this piece, hilariously titled "Love at first sight," Figaro Many gets inspired by a pair of greedy nurses.

We know they're only after the multimillionaire's huge fortune, but he doesn't seem to mind it all! The man with the awesome mustache looks pretty happy for someone who's stranded in a hospital bed.

A Knife to the Eye

This is one of Figaro Many's most reposted collages, but why do so many people identify with it? It lacks most of the artist's signature elements and features a woman who took a knife to both eyes.

Well, maybe people relate to this piece because they dreamt about it! According to outlets such as Dreams'opedia and DreamsDirectory, dreaming about taking a knife to the eye symbolizes "experiencing frustrations" in one's emotional life and "feeling like someone's working against you."


What is it that makes people feel shocked? We're not talking about being physically shocked but about the emotional distress that follows witnessing or learning about something unexpected.

According to Figaro Many, feeling shocked is a reaction to a dramatic and unexpected situation. So, why do people continue to feel shocked about behavior they're already accustomed to? Well, maybe they're just being haters. Figaro Many's Instagram followers loved this one and commented with words of appreciation and lots of fire emojis!

What Do You Think?

No, Figaro Many's artwork is not appropriate for choir boys! He likes to explore many adult topics and seems fascinated with the archetype of "the golddigger." Contrary to more conservative-minded people, the young artist is all in favor of the idea of women using their charm to get some money!

This one was a bit controversial, as some commentators had issues with the offensive expression "bend down." What do you think? Has Figaro Many gone too far with this one?

Figaro Many's Two Favorite Things

There are two things we know about the style of Figaro Many. He loves drinking, especially if a bottle of Jack Daniel's is involved. And he believes overthinking is one of humanity's main sources of unhappiness.

In this piece of art featuring a stylish '50s woman with a cocktail in her hand, Figaro Many again reinforces both of the ideas which are so prevalent in his collages and quotes. This is another artwork that would look fabulous in the living room.

Respect Yourself First!

Many people think of respect as a way of acting towards others. Showing respect is about being polite to strangers, kindness to the elderly, or obeying one's hierarchical superiors. But the most important form of consideration is the respect we have for ourselves.

Before truly respecting others, we need to accept who we are and respect our well-being and happiness. Does that include letting go of people who don't deserve our respect? According to Figaro Many, it most certainly does!

So Tired...

This one is super relatable and is titled "Hangover." But whether alcohol is involved or not, we've all felt like not getting out of bed some mornings. Fatigue happens to everyone, but is there any way of avoiding it?

According to the National Health Service (U.K.), frequently eating, cutting out alcohol, ingesting less caffeine, and enrolling in talking therapy are all valuable methods for preventing fatigue. As for hangovers, the secret is to avoid dehydration by drinking plenty of water.

Satanic Spender

Uploaded into Figaro Many's Instagram on December 2021, this is called "My resolutions." It seems to play around with the idea that New Year's resolutions must be responsible and mature. Sometimes, all we need are some self-indulgent New Year's resolutions!

There are three other versions of this image featuring the quotes "Be kind-paper scratch-To others," "Don't stay-paper scratch-In bed all day," and "Don't be-paper scratch-Selfish." We love all the little details in the picture, but the devilish red tail's our favorite.


Cleverly titled "Personality," here's one of the most inspiring and all-encompassing collages from Figaro Many. The quote is brilliant, but it is made even better by the accompanying image of the fiery woman in a red dress.

But what does it all mean? According to Toppr, "fire represents human desire," while "ice represents the hatred among humans." In other words, one should act according to one's desires while treating others without kindness. We love Figaro Many, but this one's a bit harsh.

Another Great Quote

Need something to say whenever everyone's acting like an idiot? Figaro Many has got you covered. The quote "If idiots could fly, this place would look like an airport" is so funny that it already sounds like a classic. But the best part is that it's true.

We've all felt like we were surrounded by stupid at least once or twice. We never voiced that opinion with a huge sign, but wouldn't that feel great? Figaro hit the bullseye here.

Fly High!

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, marijuana consumption risks permanent IQ loss, poorer athletic performance, and slower reaction timing. However, it's almost impossible to talk of Figaro Many's work without mentioning his signature 'Figaro' joint.

The 'Figaro' joint is featured in many of the artist's collages, and this one is one of our favorites. It's titled "A flight into the unknown," and we love how everybody looks super happy... Or perhaps they are just super high?

Pass by the Store

https://www.etsy.com/shop/figaromany/?etsrc=sdt (Can you make a print-screen of the whole page)?
In the summer of 2022, Figaro Many had some excellent news for all of his Instagram fans. He announced the creation of an online store featuring his most popular artworks in the form of high-quality A5 prints. It's available via the global marketplace website Etsy.

If you love this up-and-coming artist's twisted, funny, and politically-incorrect collages, you should waste no time before getting one. There are plenty of suitable images for the kitchen, the living room, and even the bathroom.