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World Grain Shortage: The Russian War On Ukraine Gives Birth To Yet Another Global Crisis

It has been almost eight months since Russia – under the tyrannical Putin – waged war on Ukraine. To date, we have seen the worst consequences of the unjustified war—massacre, ransacking official buildings, and ruining public and private buildings. All of these are the consequences of Putin’s aggression in Ukraine. In response, the world is all set to isolate Russia from the international community. The United States, Australia, the U.K, and Canada have already ceased international businesses with their Russian counterparts, but that is not the end of the story. Sadly, there is more that adds salt to the injuries.

GNN / As Russia continues its aggression in Ukraine, the world is all set to isolate it from the international community.

But it turns out that isolating Russia (from the international community) does not really stop Putin from waging war on Ukraine. The Russian president is signing deals with its Chinese counterpart – Xi Jin Ping – for international trading. Since there lies a mutual interest, the Chinese government is not reluctant to accept the deal with Russia.

While this geopolitical skirmish sustains, the world suffers from yet another consequence of the war: Grain shortage. For decades, Ukraine has been a “grand exporter” of grain. Countries like the U.S, the U.K, Canada, and New Zealand are some of the countries that used to import grain from Ukraine. Of course, so does the rest of the world, including Europe and Asia. But now, as Russia has waged war on Ukraine, massive destruction of land and property is the apparent consequence. Consequently, the world suffers from a grave shortage of grain.

International News / As the largest exporter of grain, Ukraine used to export a massive amount of grain to the world.

Ukraine Struggles With the Production of Grain

But the tables have turned now. The latest updates show Ukraine can not produce enough grain to export because of the Russian aggression. Reports show that due to the war, crops are ransacked, and properties are lost. Thus, the production of grain is massively disturbed in Ukraine.

A report shared by BBC shows that due to the massive explosions, the land is destroyed in Ukraine. Here, we are not talking about Kyiv – the capital of Ukraine – only. Instead, the entire country suffers from the ongoing Russian aggression. Experts argue that drought is one of the apparent consequences of the massive explosions in Ukraine. And it is simply not logical to expect the same amount of grain export from Ukraine anymore.

Encyclopedia / Due to the Russia-Ukraine war and climate change, Ukraine harvests the lowest amount of grain in history.

Climate change is another factor adding up to this grain shortage. Experts suggest that the weather is unfavorable in Ukraine. Apparently, it results in a shortage of grain throughout the country. And there is the war that adds salt to the injuries.

Analysts also suggest that the crop year 2022 – 2023 is not like the previous years in any way. The shortage is unprecedented and the land is not in a position to allow Ukrainian farmers to harvest the same amount of grain. As this continues, the world is worried about the current crop year as the stats do not look good.

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